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public class: DOMUtils [javadoc | source]
Method from org.apache.lucene.xmlparser.DOMUtils Summary:
getAttribute,   getAttribute,   getAttribute,   getAttribute,   getAttributeOrFail,   getAttributeWithInheritance,   getAttributeWithInheritanceOrFail,   getChildByTagName,   getChildByTagOrFail,   getChildTextByTagName,   getFirstChildElement,   getFirstChildOrFail,   getNonBlankTextOrFail,   getText,   insertChild,   loadXML
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Method from org.apache.lucene.xmlparser.DOMUtils Detail:
 public static String getAttribute(Element element,
    String attributeName,
    String deflt) 
 public static float getAttribute(Element element,
    String attributeName,
    float deflt) 
 public static int getAttribute(Element element,
    String attributeName,
    int deflt) 
 public static boolean getAttribute(Element element,
    String attributeName,
    boolean deflt) 
 public static String getAttributeOrFail(Element e,
    String name) throws ParserException 
 public static String getAttributeWithInheritance(Element element,
    String attributeName) 
    Returns an attribute value from this node, or first parent node with this attribute defined
 public static String getAttributeWithInheritanceOrFail(Element e,
    String name) throws ParserException 
 public static Element getChildByTagName(Element e,
    String name) 
 public static Element getChildByTagOrFail(Element e,
    String name) throws ParserException 
 public static String getChildTextByTagName(Element e,
    String tagName) 
 public static Element getFirstChildElement(Element element) 
 public static Element getFirstChildOrFail(Element e) throws ParserException 
 public static String getNonBlankTextOrFail(Element e) throws ParserException 
 public static String getText(Node e) 
 public static Element insertChild(Element parent,
    String tagName,
    String text) 
 public static Document loadXML(Reader is) 
    Helper method to parse an XML file into a DOM tree, given a reader.