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SpanQueryBuilder   Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one or more contributor license agreements.  code | html

Abstract Classes:

SpanBuilderBase     code | html


BooleanFilterBuilder     code | html
BooleanQueryBuilder     code | html
BoostingQueryBuilder     code | html
BoostingTermBuilder     code | html
CachedFilterBuilder   Filters are cached in an LRU Cache keyed on the contained query or filter object.  code | html
CachedFilterBuilder.LRUCache     code | html
ConstantScoreQueryBuilder     code | html
DuplicateFilterBuilder     code | html
FilteredQueryBuilder     code | html
FuzzyLikeThisQueryBuilder     code | html
LikeThisQueryBuilder     code | html
MatchAllDocsQueryBuilder     code | html
RangeFilterBuilder     code | html
SpanFirstBuilder     code | html
SpanNearBuilder     code | html
SpanNotBuilder     code | html
SpanOrBuilder     code | html
SpanOrTermsBuilder     code | html
SpanQueryBuilderFactory     code | html
SpanTermBuilder     code | html
TermQueryBuilder     code | html
TermsFilterBuilder     code | html
TermsQueryBuilder   Builds a BooleanQuery from all of the terms found in the XML element using the choice of analyzer  code | html
UserInputQueryBuilder   UserInputQueryBuilder uses 1 of 2 strategies for thread-safe parsing: 1) Synchronizing access to "parse" calls on a previously supplied QueryParser or..  code | html