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public class: WritePomTask [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

Write a POM to a file.
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project,  location,  description
Method from org.apache.maven.artifact.ant.WritePomTask Summary:
execute,   getFile,   getPomRefId,   isTrim,   setFile,   setPomRefId,   setTrim,   trimModel,   writeModel
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bindToOwner,   execute,   getOwningTarget,   getRuntimeConfigurableWrapper,   getTaskName,   getTaskType,   getWrapper,   handleErrorFlush,   handleErrorOutput,   handleFlush,   handleInput,   handleOutput,   init,   isInvalid,   log,   log,   log,   log,   markInvalid,   maybeConfigure,   perform,   reconfigure,   setOwningTarget,   setRuntimeConfigurableWrapper,   setTaskName,   setTaskType
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Method from org.apache.maven.artifact.ant.WritePomTask Detail:
 public  void execute() 
 public File getFile() 
 public String getPomRefId() 
 public boolean isTrim() 
 public  void setFile(File file) 
 public  void setPomRefId(String pomRefId) 
 public  void setTrim(boolean trim) 
 public  void trimModel(Model model) 
    Removes a lot of unnecessary information from the POM. This includes the build section, reporting, repositories, etc.
 public  void writeModel(Model model,
    File outputFile) throws BuildException 
    Write a POM model to a file