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Abstract Classes:

ReflectionInvocationContext.Invocation     code | html


Interceptor     code | html
InterceptorData     code | html
InterceptorStack     code | html
InterceptorStack.Debug     code | html
JaxRpcInvocationContext   We could really get by with usinga plain ReflectionInvocationContext but just in case we need to or want to add something special, we can use this subclass.  code | html
JaxWsInvocationContext     code | html
ReflectionInvocationContext     code | html
ReflectionInvocationContext.BeanInvocation     code | html
ReflectionInvocationContext.InterceptorInvocation     code | html
ReflectionInvocationContext.LifecycleInvocation     code | html
ReflectionInvocationContext.NoOpInvocation     code | html