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public class: SystemInstance [javadoc | source]
This class aims to be the one and only static in the entire system A static, singleton, instance of this class can be created with the #init(Properties) method It is assumed that only one singleton per classloader is possible in any given VM Thus loading this instance in a classloader will mean there can only be one OpenEJB instance for that classloader and all children classloaders.
Method from org.apache.openejb.loader.SystemInstance Summary:
get,   getBase,   getClassLoader,   getClassPath,   getComponent,   getHome,   getOptions,   getProperties,   getProperty,   getProperty,   getStartTime,   hasProperty,   init,   isInitialized,   removeComponent,   reset,   setComponent,   setProperty,   setProperty
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Method from org.apache.openejb.loader.SystemInstance Detail:
 public static SystemInstance get() 
 public FileUtils getBase() 
 public ClassLoader getClassLoader() 
 public ClassPath getClassPath() 
 public T getComponent(Class<T> type) 
    I'm not sure how this will play out, but I've used class instances instead of strings for lookups as class instances are classloader scoped and there is an implicit "namespace" associated with that. Theoretically, you can't lookup things that you can't already see in your classloader.
 public FileUtils getHome() 
 public Options getOptions() 
 public Properties getProperties() 
 public String getProperty(String key) 
 public String getProperty(String key,
    String defaultValue) 
 public long getStartTime() 
 public boolean hasProperty(String propName) 
 public static  void init(Properties properties) throws Exception 
 public static boolean isInitialized() 
 public T removeComponent(Class<T> type) 
 public static  void reset() 
 public T setComponent(Class<T> type,
    T value) 
 public Object setProperty(String key,
    String value) 
 public Object setProperty(String key,
    String value,
    boolean isExternalProperty)