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public class: ServiceDaemon [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

Field Summary
 boolean stop     
 public ServiceDaemon(ServerService next) 
 public ServiceDaemon(ServerService next,
    int port,
    String ip) 
Method from org.apache.openejb.server.ServiceDaemon Summary:
getAddress,   getAddress,   getIP,   getName,   getPort,   getSoTimeout,   init,   service,   service,   setSoTimeout,   start,   stop
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Method from org.apache.openejb.server.ServiceDaemon Detail:
 public InetAddress getAddress() 
    Gets the inetAddress number that the daemon is listening on.
 public static InetAddress getAddress(String host) 
 public String getIP() 
 public String getName() 
 public int getPort() 
    Gets the port number that the daemon is listening on.
 public int getSoTimeout() throws IOException 
 public  void init(Properties props) throws Exception 
 public  void service(Socket socket) throws ServiceException, IOException 
 public  void service(InputStream in,
    OutputStream out) throws ServiceException, IOException 
 public  void setSoTimeout(int timeout) throws SocketException 
 public  void start() throws ServiceException 
 public  void stop() throws ServiceException