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org.apache.oro.text.perl: Javadoc index of package org.apache.oro.text.perl.

Package Samples:

org.apache.oro.text.perl: This package used to be the TextTools library and provides general text processing support, including a glob regular expression class, pattern caching and line-by-line processing classes.  


Perl5Util: This is a utility class implementing the 3 most common Perl5 operations involving regular expressions: [m]/pattern/[i][m][s][x], s/pattern/replacement/[g][i][m][o][s][x], and split(). As with Perl, any non-alphanumeric character can be used in lieu of the slashes. The objective of the class is to minimize the amount of code a Java programmer using Jakarta-ORO has to write to achieve the same results as Perl by transparently handling regular expression compilation, caching, and matching. A second objective is to use the same Perl pattern matching syntax to ease the task of Perl programmers transitioning ...
MalformedPerl5PatternException: An exception used to indicate errors in Perl style regular expressions. It is derived from RuntimeException, and therefore does not have to be caught. You should generally make an effort to catch MalformedPerl5PatternException whenever you use dynamically generated patterns (from user input or some other source). Static expressions represented as strings in your source code don't require exception handling because as you write and test run your program you will correct any errors in those expressions when you run into an uncaught MalformedPerl5PatternException. By the time you complete your project, ...

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