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public class: ManifestHeader [javadoc | source]
This is a helper class to parse manifest header entries.
Nested Class Summary:
public interface  ManifestHeader.Entry  A header can have several entries separated by comma. 
public static final class  ManifestHeader.NameValuePair  Directives and attributes are simple name/value pairs. 
protected static final class  ManifestHeader.PathImpl   
Method from Summary:
getEntries,   parse
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Method from Detail:
 public Entry[] getEntries() 
    Return the entries for this header.
 public static ManifestHeader parse(String header) 
    Parse headers Like this: path; path; dir1:=dirval1; dir2:=dirval2; attr1=attrval1; attr2=attrval2, path; path; dir1:=dirval1; dir2:=dirval2; attr1=attrval1; attr2=attrval2 The returned object maintains the order of entries (paths), directives and attributes.