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abstract public class: BundleVersionInfo [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

Direct Known Subclasses:
    FileBundleVersionInfo, BundleBundleVersionInfo

Provides bundle version information, which can be extracted from bundle files or Bundle objects.
Field Summary
public static final  String SNAPSHOT_MARKER    Marker used by Maven to identify snapshots 
public static final  String BND_LAST_MODIFIED    Name of the BND attribute that provides the bundle's last modified timestamp 
public static final  long BND_LAST_MODIFIED_MISSING    Value for #getBundleLastModified if corresponding header is not present 
Method from Summary:
compareTo,   getBundleLastModified,   getBundleSymbolicName,   getSource,   getVersion,   isBundle,   isSnapshot
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Method from Detail:
 public int compareTo(BundleVersionInfo<?> other) 
 abstract public long getBundleLastModified()
    Return the bundle last modification time, based on the BND_LAST_MODIFIED manifest header, if available. This is *not* the Bundle.getLastModified() value, which refers to actions in the OSGi framework.
 abstract public String getBundleSymbolicName()
    Return the bundle symbolic name, null if not available
 abstract public T getSource()
    Return the source of information: underlying File or Bundle
 abstract public Version getVersion()
    Return the bundle version, null if not available
 abstract public boolean isBundle()
    True if the provided data is a valid bundle
 abstract public boolean isSnapshot()
    True if the bundle version indicates a snapshot