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public class: ContextConnection [javadoc | source]
The ContextConnection extends the to provide access to a resource which is available from ResourceProvider provided to Sling .

This class is implemented by actually connecting to a resource URL which is provided by the resource provider and delegating the relevant method calls. Currently only #getContentLength() , #getContentType() , #getInputStream() and #getLastModified() are supported.
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 ContextConnection(URL url,
    ResourceProvider resourceProvider) 
    Creates an instance of this context connection.
    url - The original URL whose path part is used to address the resource from the resource provider.
    resourceProvider - The ResourceProvider to which requests for content access are delegated.
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connect,   getContentLength,   getContentType,   getInputStream,   getLastModified
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Method from Detail:
 public  void connect() throws IOException 
    Accesses the the resource from the underlaying resource provider at the URL's path.
 public int getContentLength() 
    Returns the length in bytes of the resource or -1 if this connection has not been connected yet.
 public String getContentType() 
    Returns a guess at the content type of the resource or null if this connection has not been connected yet.
 public InputStream getInputStream() throws IOException 
    Returns a InputStream on the resource. If this connection is not connected yet, the conneciton is opened.
 public long getLastModified() 
    Returns the last modification timestamp of the resource or -1 if this connection has not been connected yet.