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public class: BootstrapCommandFile [javadoc | source]
Field Summary
public static final  String DATA_FILENAME    Name of file used to store our execution timestamp 
public static final  String COMMENT_PREFIX    Prefix for comments in command files 
 public BootstrapCommandFile(Logger logger,
    File cmdFile) 
    Will load our commands from specified file, if found
Method from Summary:
anythingToExecute,   execute,   parse
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Method from Detail:
 boolean anythingToExecute(BundleContext ctx) 
    True if we have a command file that needs to be executed, based on its file timestamp and stored timstamp
 public int execute(BundleContext ctx) throws IOException 
    Execute commands if needed, and store execution timestamp
 List<Command> parse(InputStream is) throws IOException 
    Parse commands from supplied input stream. Does not close the stream