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public interface: Launcher [javadoc | source]

All Known Implementing Classes:
    MainDelegate, SlingServletDelegate

The Launcher interface is implemented by the delegate classes inside the Launcher JAR and are used by the actual Main class or servlet to configure and start the framework.
Method from Summary:
setCommandLine,   setNotifiable,   setSlingHome,   start,   stop
Method from Detail:
 public  void setCommandLine(Map<String, String> args)
    The commandline provided from the standalone launch case.
 public  void setNotifiable(Notifiable notifiable)
    The Notifiable to notify on framework stop or update
 public  void setSlingHome(String slingHome)
    Sets the sling.home to be used for starting the framework. This method must be called with a non-null argument before trying to start the framework.
 public boolean start()
    Starts the framework and returns true if successfull.
 public  void stop()
    Stops the framework. This method only returns when the framework has actually been stopped. This method may be used by the main class or servlet to initiate a shutdown of the framework.