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abstract public class: AbstractBundleListMojo [javadoc | source]

Direct Known Subclasses:
    PrepareTestWebAppMojo, AttachBundleListMojo, CheckBundleListForSnapshotsMojo, PreparePackageMojo, CreateBundleJarMojo, RunMojo, StartMojo, AbstractLaunchpadFrameworkMojo, CreateKarafFeatureDescriptorMojo, AbstractLaunchpadStartingPlugin

Field Summary
protected static final  String JAR    JAR Packaging type. 
protected static final  String WAR    WAR Packaging type. 
protected  File bundleListFile   
    parameter: default-value - ="${basedir}/src/main/bundles/list.xml"
protected  ArtifactDefinition defaultBundleList    The definition of the defaultBundleList artifact.
protected  MavenProject project    The Maven project.
    parameter: expression - ="${project}"
protected  MavenProjectHelper projectHelper   
Method from Summary:
execute,   executeWithArtifacts,   getArtifact,   getArtifact,   getBundleList,   initArtifactDefinitions,   initBundleList,   isCurrentArtifact,   shouldCopy
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Method from Detail:
 public final  void execute() throws MojoFailureException, MojoExecutionException 
 abstract protected  void executeWithArtifacts() throws MojoExecutionException, MojoFailureException
    Execute the logic of the plugin after the default artifacts have been initialized.
 protected Artifact getArtifact(ArtifactDefinition def) throws MojoExecutionException 
    Get a resolved Artifact from the coordinates found in the artifact definition.
 protected Artifact getArtifact(String groupId,
    String artifactId,
    String version,
    String type,
    String classifier) throws MojoExecutionException 
    Get a resolved Artifact from the coordinates provided
 protected BundleList getBundleList() 
 protected  void initArtifactDefinitions(Properties dependencies) 
    Hook methods for subclasses to initialize any additional artifact definitions.
 protected  void initBundleList(BundleList bundleList) 
    Hook methods for subclasses to initialize the bundle list.
 protected boolean isCurrentArtifact(ArtifactDefinition def) 
 protected static boolean shouldCopy(File source,
    File dest)