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abstract public class: AbstractLaunchpadFrameworkMojo [javadoc | source]

Direct Known Subclasses:
    PrepareTestWebAppMojo, PreparePackageMojo, CreateBundleJarMojo

This class contains the Launchpad-framework specific utility methods.
Field Summary
protected  String baseDestination    The name of the directory within the output directory into which the base JAR should be installed.
    parameter: default-value - ="resources"
protected  String bundlesDirectory    The directory which contains the start-level bundle directories.
    parameter: default-value - ="bundles"
Fields inherited from
JAR,  WAR,  bundleListFile,  defaultBundleList,  project,  projectHelper
Method from Summary:
copy,   copy,   copyBundles
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execute,   executeWithArtifacts,   getArtifact,   getArtifact,   getBundleList,   initArtifactDefinitions,   initBundleList,   isCurrentArtifact,   shouldCopy
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Method from Detail:
 protected  void copy(ArtifactDefinition additionalBundle,
    File outputDirectory) throws MojoExecutionException 
 protected  void copy(File file,
    int startLevel,
    File outputDirectory) throws MojoExecutionException 
 protected  void copyBundles(BundleList bundles,
    File outputDirectory) throws MojoExecutionException