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public class: ArtifactDefinition [javadoc | source]
The definition of an artifact.
 public ArtifactDefinition() 
 public ArtifactDefinition(Bundle bundle,
    int startLevel) 
Method from Summary:
getArtifactId,   getClassifier,   getGroupId,   getStartLevel,   getType,   getVersion,   initDefaults,   initDefaults,   setArtifactId,   setClassifier,   setGroupId,   setStartLevel,   setType,   setVersion,   toBundle,   toString
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Method from Detail:
 public String getArtifactId() 
 public String getClassifier() 
 public String getGroupId() 
 public int getStartLevel() 
 public String getType() 
 public String getVersion() 
 public  void initDefaults(String commaDelimitedList) 
    Initialize this ArtifactDefinition with a set of default values from a comma-delimited string. This string must have 6 items in it: [groupId],[artifactId],[version],[type],[classifier],[startLevel] The only required parameter is the last one, which must be parseable as an integer.
 public  void initDefaults(String groupId,
    String artifactId,
    String version,
    String type,
    String classifier,
    int startLevel) 
    Initialize this ArtifactDefinition with a set of default values. If the corresponding field in this object is null (or 0 in the case of start level) and the parameter is non-null, the parameter value will be used.
 public  void setArtifactId(String artifactId) 
 public  void setClassifier(String classifier) 
 public  void setGroupId(String groupId) 
 public  void setStartLevel(int startLevel) 
 public  void setType(String type) 
 public  void setVersion(String version) 
 public Bundle toBundle() 
 public String toString()