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public interface: UrlProvider [javadoc | source]

All Known Implementing Classes:

Implemntations of this interface can be used to build a URL
Field Summary
public static final  String NONE    The includeParams attribute may have the value 'none', 'get' or 'all'. It is used when the url tag is used without a value attribute. Its value is looked up on the ValueStack If no includeParams is specified then 'get' is used. none - include no parameters in the URL get - include only GET parameters in the URL (default) all - include both GET and POST parameters in the URL 
public static final  String GET     
public static final  String ALL     
Method from org.apache.struts2.components.UrlProvider Summary:
determineActionURL,   determineNamespace,   findString,   getAction,   getAnchor,   getExtraParameterProvider,   getHttpServletRequest,   getHttpServletResponse,   getIncludeParams,   getMethod,   getNamespace,   getParameters,   getPortletMode,   getPortletUrlType,   getScheme,   getStack,   getUrlIncludeParams,   getValue,   getVar,   getWindowState,   isEncode,   isEscapeAmp,   isForceAddSchemeHostAndPort,   isIncludeContext,   isPutInContext,   putInContext,   setAction,   setAnchor,   setEncode,   setEscapeAmp,   setExtraParameterProvider,   setForceAddSchemeHostAndPort,   setHttpServletRequest,   setHttpServletResponse,   setIncludeContext,   setIncludeParams,   setMethod,   setNamespace,   setPortletMode,   setPortletUrlType,   setScheme,   setUrlIncludeParams,   setUrlRenderer,   setValue,   setWindowState
Method from org.apache.struts2.components.UrlProvider Detail:
 public String determineActionURL(String action,
    String namespace,
    String method,
    HttpServletRequest httpServletRequest,
    HttpServletResponse httpServletResponse,
    Map parameters,
    String scheme,
    boolean includeContext,
    boolean encode,
    boolean forceAddSchemeHostAndPort,
    boolean escapeAmp)
 public String determineNamespace(String namespace,
    ValueStack stack,
    HttpServletRequest req)
 public String findString(String value)
 public String getAction()
 public String getAnchor()
 public ExtraParameterProvider getExtraParameterProvider()
 public HttpServletRequest getHttpServletRequest()
 public HttpServletResponse getHttpServletResponse()
 public String getIncludeParams()
 public String getMethod()
 public String getNamespace()
 public Map getParameters()
 public String getPortletMode()
 public String getPortletUrlType()
 public String getScheme()
 public ValueStack getStack()
 public String getUrlIncludeParams()
 public String getValue()
 public String getVar()
 public String getWindowState()
 public boolean isEncode()
 public boolean isEscapeAmp()
 public boolean isForceAddSchemeHostAndPort()
 public boolean isIncludeContext()
 public boolean isPutInContext()
 public  void putInContext(String result)
 public  void setAction(String action)
 public  void setAnchor(String anchor)
 public  void setEncode(boolean encode)
 public  void setEscapeAmp(boolean escapeAmp)
 public  void setExtraParameterProvider(ExtraParameterProvider provider)
 public  void setForceAddSchemeHostAndPort(boolean forceAddSchemeHostAndPort)
 public  void setHttpServletRequest(HttpServletRequest req)
 public  void setHttpServletResponse(HttpServletResponse res)
 public  void setIncludeContext(boolean includeContext)
 public  void setIncludeParams(String includeParams)
 public  void setMethod(String method)
 public  void setNamespace(String namespace)
 public  void setPortletMode(String portletMode)
 public  void setPortletUrlType(String portletUrlType)
 public  void setScheme(String scheme)
 public  void setUrlIncludeParams(String urlIncludeParams)
 public  void setUrlRenderer(UrlRenderer urlRenderer)
 public  void setValue(String string)
 public  void setWindowState(String windowState)