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TemplateEngine   Any template language which wants to support UI tag templating needs to provide an implementation of this interface to handle rendering the template  code | html
TemplateEngineManager.EngineFactory   Abstracts loading of the template engine  code | html

Abstract Classes:

BaseTemplateEngine   Base class for template engines.  code | html


FreemarkerTemplateEngine   Freemarker based template engine.  code | html
JspTemplateEngine   JSP based template engine.  code | html
Template   A template.  code | html
TemplateEngineManager   The TemplateEngineManager will return a template engine for the template  code | html
TemplateEngineManager.LazyEngineFactory   Allows the template engine to be loaded at request time, so that engines that are missing dependencies aren't accessed if never used.  code | html
TemplateRenderingContext   Context used when rendering templates.  code | html
VelocityTemplateEngine   Velocity based template engine.  code | html