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public class: InitOperations [javadoc | source]
Contains initialization operations
 public InitOperations() 
Method from Summary:
buildExcludedPatternsList,   cleanup,   findDispatcherOnThread,   initDispatcher,   initLogging,   initStaticContentLoader
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Method from Detail:
 public List<Pattern> buildExcludedPatternsList(Dispatcher dispatcher) 
    Extract a list of patterns to exclude from request filtering
 public  void cleanup() 
 public Dispatcher findDispatcherOnThread() 
 public Dispatcher initDispatcher(HostConfig filterConfig) 
    Creates and initializes the dispatcher
 public  void initLogging(HostConfig filterConfig) 
    Initializes the internal Struts logging
 public StaticContentLoader initStaticContentLoader(HostConfig filterConfig,
    Dispatcher dispatcher) 
    Initializes the static content loader with the filter configuration