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Sub Packages:

org.apache.struts2.dispatcher.multipart   Classes to help dispatch multipart HTTP requests.  


DispatcherListener   A interface to tag those that want to execute code on the init and destory of a Dispatcher.  code | html
StaticContentLoader   Interface for loading static resources, based on a path  code | html

Abstract Classes:

StrutsResultSupport   A base class for all Struts action execution results.  code | html


ActionContextCleanUp   Special filter designed to work with the FilterDispatcher and allow for easier integration with SiteMesh.  code | html
ApplicationMap   A simple implementation of the java.util.Map interface to handle a collection of attributes and init parameters in a javax.servlet.ServletContext object.  code | html

A custom Result type for chart data. 

code | html
DefaultActionSupport   A simple action support class that sets properties to be able to serve  code | html
DefaultStaticContentLoader     code | html
Dispatcher   A utility class the actual dispatcher delegates most of its tasks to.  code | html
Dispatcher.Locator   Provide an accessor class for static XWork utility.  code | html
FilterDispatcher   Master filter for Struts that handles four distinct responsibilities:

  • Executing actions
  • Cleaning up the ActionContext (see note)
  • Serving static content
  • Kicking off XWork's interceptor chain for the request lifecycle

IMPORTANT: this filter must be mapped to all requests. 

code | html
FilterDispatcherCompatWeblogic61   When running Weblogic Server 6.1, this class should be specified in web.xml instead of FilterDispatcher code | html
HttpHeaderResult   A custom Result type for setting HTTP headers and status by optionally evaluating against the ValueStack.  code | html
PlainTextResult   A result that send the content out as plain text.  code | html
RequestMap   A simple implementation of the java.util.Map interface to handle a collection of request attributes.  code | html
ServletActionRedirectResult   This result uses the ActionMapper provided by the ActionMapperFactory to redirect the browser to a URL that invokes the specified action and (optional) namespace.  code | html
ServletDispatcherResult   Includes or forwards to a view (usually a jsp).  code | html
ServletRedirectResult   Calls the sendRedirect method to the location specified.  code | html
SessionMap   A simple implementation of the java.util.Map interface to handle a collection of HTTP session attributes.  code | html
StreamResult   A custom Result type for sending raw data (via an InputStream) directly to the HttpServletResponse.  code | html
StrutsRequestWrapper   All Struts requests are wrapped with this class, which provides simple JSTL accessibility.  code | html
VelocityResult   Using the Servlet container's JspFactory , this result mocks a JSP execution environment and then displays a Velocity template that will be streamed directly to the servlet output.  code | html