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RemoteBean     code | html

Abstract Classes:

AbstractRemoteBean   AbstractRemoteCallUIBean is superclass for all components dealing with remote calls.  code | html
AbstractValidateBean   Base class for tags that perform AJAX validation  code | html



A tag that creates an HTML <a/> element, that when clicked makes an asynchronous request(XMLHttpRequest). 

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The autocomplete tag is a combobox that can autocomplete text entered on the input box. 

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This tag will generate event listeners for multiple events on multiple sources, making an asynchronous request to the specified href, and updating multiple targets. 

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Renders a date/time picker in a dropdown container. 

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This tag generates an HTML div that loads its content using an XMLHttpRequest call, via the dojo framework. 

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Head   The "head" tag renders required JavaScript code to configure Dojo and is required in order to use any of the tags included in the Dojo plugin.

To debug javascript errors set the "debug" attribute to true, which will display Dojo (and Struts) warning and error messages at the bottom of the page. 

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Submit   Renders a submit button that can submit a form asynchronously.  code | html
TabbedPanel   The tabbedpanel widget is primarily an AJAX component, where each tab can either be local content or remote content (refreshed each time the user selects that tab).

If the useSelectedTabCookie attribute is set to true, the id of the selected tab is saved in a cookie on activation. 
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TextArea   Render Dojo Editor2 widget   code | html
Tree   Renders a tree widget with AJAX support.

The "id "attribute is normally specified(recommended), such that it could be looked up using javascript if necessary. 

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TreeNode   Renders a tree node within a tree widget with AJAX support.

Either of the following combinations should be used depending on if the tree is to be constructed dynamically or statically. 

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