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Sub Packages:



ErrorHandler   Interface for handling JSP parse and javac compilation errors.  code | html
TagConstants     code | html

Abstract Classes:

Compiler   Main JSP compiler class. This class uses Ant for compiling.  code | html
ELNode   This class defines internal representation for an EL Expression

It currently only defines functions. 

code | html
Node   An internal data representation of a JSP page or a JSP docuement (XML).  code | html
Node.ScriptingElement   Represents an expression, declaration, or scriptlet  code | html


BeanRepository   Repository of {page, request, session, application}-scoped beans  code | html
Collector   Collect info about the page and nodes, and make them availabe through the PageInfo object.  code | html
Collector.CollectVisitor   A visitor for collecting information on the page and the body of the custom tags.  code | html
DefaultErrorHandler   Default implementation of ErrorHandler interface.  code | html
Dumper     code | html
Dumper.DumpVisitor     code | html
ELFunctionMapper   This class generates functions mappers for the EL expressions in the page.  code | html
ELFunctionMapper.ELFunctionVisitor   A visitor for the page.  code | html
ELNode.ELText   Represents anything in EL expression, other than functions, including function arguments etc  code | html
ELNode.Function   Represents a function Currently only include the prefix and function name, but not its arguments.  code | html
ELNode.Nodes   An ordered list of ELNode.  code | html
ELNode.Root   Represents an EL expression: anything in ${ and }.  code | html
ELNode.Text   Represents text outside of EL expression.  code | html
ELNode.Visitor     code | html
ELParser   This class implements a parser for EL expressions.  code | html
ELParser.Char     code | html
ELParser.Id     code | html
ELParser.QuotedString     code | html
ELParser.Token     code | html
ErrorDispatcher   Class responsible for dispatching JSP parse and javac compilation errors to the configured error handler.  code | html
ErrorDispatcher.ErrorVisitor     code | html
Generator   Generate Java source from Nodes  code | html
Generator.FragmentHelperClass   Keeps track of the generated Fragment Helper Class  code | html
Generator.FragmentHelperClass.Fragment     code | html
Generator.GenBuffer   A class for generating codes to a buffer.  code | html
Generator.GenerateVisitor   A visitor that generates codes for the elements in the page.  code | html
Generator.TagHandlerInfo   Class storing the result of introspecting a custom tag handler.  code | html
ImplicitTagLibraryInfo   Class responsible for generating an implicit tag library containing tag handlers corresponding to the tag files in "/WEB-INF/tags/" or a subdirectory of it.  code | html
JasperTagInfo   TagInfo extension used by tag handlers that are implemented via tag files.  code | html
JavacErrorDetail   Class providing details about a javac compilation error.  code | html
JspConfig   Handles the jsp-config element in WEB_INF/web.xml.  code | html
JspConfig.JspProperty     code | html
JspConfig.JspPropertyGroup     code | html
JspDocumentParser   Class implementing a parser for a JSP document, that is, a JSP page in XML syntax.  code | html
JspDocumentParser.EnableDTDValidationException     code | html
JspReader   JspReader is an input buffer for the JSP parser.  code | html
JspRuntimeContext   Class for tracking JSP compile time file dependencies when the &060;%@include file="..."%&062; directive is used.  code | html
JspUtil   This class has all the utility method(s).  code | html
JspUtil.ValidAttribute     code | html
Localizer   Class responsible for converting error codes to corresponding localized error messages.  code | html
Mark   Mark represents a point in the JSP input.  code | html
Mark.IncludeState   Keep track of parser before parsing an included file.  code | html
Node.AttributeDirective   Represents an attribute directive  code | html
Node.AttributeGenerator   Used as a placeholder for the evaluation code of a custom action attribute (used by the tag plugin machinery only).  code | html
Node.ChildInfo   Collected information about child elements.  code | html
Node.Comment   Represents a Jsp comment Comments are kept for completeness.  code | html
Node.CustomTag   Represents a custom tag  code | html
Node.Declaration   Represents a declaration  code | html
Node.DoBodyAction   Represents a tag file action  code | html
Node.ELExpression   Represents an EL expression.  code | html
Node.Expression   Represents an expression.  code | html
Node.FallBackAction   Represents a fallback action  code | html
Node.ForwardAction   Represents a forward action  code | html
Node.GetProperty   Represents a getProperty action  code | html
Node.IncludeAction   Represents an include action  code | html
Node.IncludeDirective   Represents an include directive  code | html
Node.InvokeAction   Represents a tag file action  code | html
Node.JspAttribute   Represents attributes that can be request time expressions.  code | html
Node.JspBody   Represents a JspBody node (<jsp:body>)  code | html
Node.JspElement   Represents a code | html
Node.JspOutput   Represents a code | html
Node.JspRoot   Represents the root of a Jsp document (XML syntax)  code | html
Node.JspText   Represents the body of a <jsp:text> element  code | html
Node.NamedAttribute   Represents a Named Attribute (<jsp:attribute>)  code | html
Node.Nodes   An ordered list of Node, used to represent the body of an element, or a jsp page of jsp document.  code | html
Node.PageDirective   Represents a page directive  code | html
Node.ParamAction   Represents a param action  code | html
Node.ParamsAction   Represents a params action  code | html
Node.PlugIn   Represents a plugin action  code | html
Node.Root   Represents the root of a Jsp page or Jsp document  code | html
Node.Scriptlet   Represents a scriptlet  code | html
Node.SetProperty   Represents a setProperty action  code | html
Node.TagDirective   Represents a tag directive  code | html
Node.TaglibDirective   Represents a custom taglib directive  code | html
Node.TemplateText   Represents a template text string  code | html
Node.UninterpretedTag   Represents an uninterpreted tag, from a Jsp document  code | html
Node.UseBean   Represents a useBean action  code | html
Node.VariableDirective   Represents a variable directive  code | html
Node.Visitor   A visitor class for visiting the node.  code | html
PageDataImpl   An implementation of javax.servlet.jsp.tagext.PageData which builds the XML view of a given page.  code | html
PageDataImpl.FirstPassVisitor     code | html
PageDataImpl.SecondPassVisitor     code | html
PageInfo   A repository for various info about the translation unit under compilation.  code | html
Parser   This class implements a parser for a JSP page (non-xml view).  code | html
ParserController   Controller for the parsing of a JSP page.  code | html
ScriptingVariabler   Class responsible for determining the scripting variables that every custom action needs to declare.  code | html
ScriptingVariabler.CustomTagCounter     code | html
ScriptingVariabler.ScriptingVariableVisitor     code | html
ServletWriter   This is what is used to generate servlets.  code | html
SmapGenerator   Represents a source map (SMAP), which serves to associate lines of the input JSP file(s) to lines in the generated servlet in the final .class file, according to the JSR-045 spec.  code | html
SmapStratum   Represents the line and file mappings associated with a JSR-045 "stratum".  code | html
SmapStratum.LineInfo   Represents a single LineSection in an SMAP, associated with a particular stratum.  code | html
SmapUtil   Contains static utilities for generating SMAP data based on the current version of Jasper.  code | html
SmapUtil.PreScanVisitor     code | html
SmapUtil.SDEInstaller     code | html
SmapUtil.SmapGenVisitor     code | html
TagFileProcessor   1.  code | html
TagFileProcessor.TagFileDirectiveVisitor   A visitor the tag file  code | html
TagFileProcessor.TagFileDirectiveVisitor.NameEntry     code | html
TagFileProcessor.TagFileLoaderVisitor     code | html
TagLibraryInfoImpl   Implementation of the TagLibraryInfo class from the JSP spec.  code | html
TagPluginManager   Manages tag plugin optimizations.  code | html
TagPluginManager.TagPluginContextImpl     code | html
TextOptimizer     code | html
TextOptimizer.TextCatVisitor   A visitor to concatenate contiguous template texts.  code | html
TldLocationsCache   A container for all tag libraries that are defined "globally" for the web application.  code | html
Validator   Performs validation on the page elements.  code | html
Validator.DirectiveVisitor   A visitor to validate and extract page directive info  code | html
Validator.TagExtraInfoVisitor   A visitor for validating TagExtraInfo classes of all tags  code | html
Validator.ValidateVisitor   A visitor for validating nodes other than page directives  code | html
Validator.ValidateVisitor.NamedAttributeVisitor     code | html