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ASCIIReader   A simple ASCII byte reader.  code | html
EncodingMap   EncodingMap is a convenience class which handles conversions between IANA encoding names and Java encoding names, and vice versa.  code | html
MyEntityResolver     code | html
MyErrorHandler     code | html
ParserUtils   XML parsing utilities for processing web application deployment descriptor and tag library descriptor files.  code | html
SymbolTable   This class is a symbol table implementation that guarantees that strings used as identifiers are unique references.  code | html
SymbolTable.Entry   This class is a symbol table entry.  code | html
TreeNode   Simplified implementation of a Node from a Document Object Model (DOM) parse of an XML document.  code | html
UCSReader   Reader for UCS-2 and UCS-4 encodings.  code | html
UTF8Reader     code | html
XMLChar   This class defines the basic XML character properties.  code | html
XMLEncodingDetector     code | html
XMLEncodingDetector.RewindableInputStream   This class wraps the byte inputstreams we're presented with.  code | html
XMLString   This class is used as a structure to pass text contained in the underlying character buffer of the scanner.  code | html
XMLStringBuffer   XMLString is a structure used to pass character arrays.  code | html