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Sub Packages:



BundleAccessor     code | html
OsgiHost   Implementations of this class start an OSGi container.  code | html
PackageLoader   Implementations of this interface can load packages from a Bundle  code | html


BundleClassLoaderInterface   ClassLoaderInterface instance that delegates to the singleton of DefaultBundleAccessor  code | html
BundleFreemarkerManager   This class extends FreemarkerManager in core to add a template loader (that finds resources inside bundles) to MultiTemplateLoader  code | html
BundlePackageLoader   Package loader implementation that loads resources from a bundle  code | html
BundlePackageLoader.BundleConfigurationProvider     code | html
BundlePackageLoader.EnumeratorIterator     code | html
DefaultBundleAccessor   Helper class that find resources and loads classes from the list of bundles  code | html
DelegatingObjectFactory     code | html
FelixOsgiHost   Apache felix implementation of an OsgiHost See http://felix.apache.org/site/apache-felix-framework-launching-and-embedding.html
Servlet config params:

struts.osgi.clearBundleCache: Defaults to "true" delete installed bundles when the comntainer starts

struts.osgi.logLevel: Defaults to "1". 

code | html
OsgiConfigurationProvider   Struts package provider that starts the OSGi container and deelgates package loading  code | html
OsgiUtil     code | html
SpringOsgiObjectFactory   This Object factory uses the ActionContext(s) published by Spring OSGi to lookup beans  code | html
StrutsOsgiListener   ServletContextListener that starts Apache Felix  code | html