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public interface: PortletActionConstants [javadoc | source]

All Known Implementing Classes:
    PortletActionContext, PortletFreemarkerResult, PortletStateInterceptor, DirectRenderFromEventAction, DispatcherServlet, PortletActionRedirectResult, PortletServletRequest, PortletResult, PortletAwareInterceptor, Jsr168Dispatcher

Interface defining some constants used in the Struts portlet implementation
Field Summary
 String DEFAULT_ACTION_NAME    Default action name to use when no default action has been configured in the portlet init parameters. 
 String ACTION_PARAM    Action name parameter name 
 String MODE_PARAM    Key for parameter holding the last executed portlet mode. 
 String PHASE    Key used for looking up and storing the portlet phase 
 Integer RENDER_PHASE    Constant used for the render phase ( javax.portlet.Portlet#render(javax.portlet.RenderRequest, javax.portlet.RenderResponse)
 Integer EVENT_PHASE    Constant used for the event phase ( javax.portlet.Portlet#processAction(javax.portlet.ActionRequest, javax.portlet.ActionResponse)
 String REQUEST    Key used for looking up and storing the javax.portlet.PortletRequest  
 String RESPONSE    Key used for looking up and storing the javax.portlet.PortletResponse  
 String EVENT_ACTION    Key used for looking up and storing the action that was invoked in the event phase. 
 String PORTLET_CONFIG    Key used for looking up and storing the javax.portlet.PortletConfig  
 String ERROR_ACTION    Name of the action used as error handler 
 String PORTLET_NAMESPACE    Key for the portlet namespace stored in the org.apache.struts2.portlet.context.PortletActionContext
 String MODE_NAMESPACE_MAP    Key for the mode-to-namespace map stored in the org.apache.struts2.portlet.context.PortletActionContext
 String DEFAULT_ACTION_FOR_MODE    Key for the default action name for the portlet, stored in the org.apache.struts2.portlet.context.PortletActionContext
 String ACTION_RESET    Key for request attribute indicating if the action has been reset. 
 String RENDER_DIRECT_LOCATION    Key for session attribute indicating the location of the render direct action. 
 String DISPATCH_TO    Key for the dispatch instruction for the DispatcherServlet  
 String STACK_FROM_EVENT_PHASE    Session key where the value stack from the event phase is stored. 
 String DEFAULT_DISPATCHER_SERVLET_NAME    Default name of dispatcher servlet in web.xml 
 String ACTION_MAPPING    Key for the action mapping in the context