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public class: PortletActionContext [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

PortletActionContext. ActionContext thread local for the portlet environment.
Method from org.apache.struts2.portlet.context.PortletActionContext Summary:
getActionMapping,   getActionRequest,   getActionResponse,   getDefaultActionForMode,   getModeNamespaceMap,   getPhase,   getPortletConfig,   getPortletContext,   getPortletNamespace,   getRenderRequest,   getRenderResponse,   getRequest,   getResponse,   isEvent,   isPortletRequest,   isRender,   setPortletContext,   setRequest,   setResponse
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Method from org.apache.struts2.portlet.context.PortletActionContext Detail:
 public static ActionMapping getActionMapping() 
    Gets the action mapping for this context
 public static ActionRequest getActionRequest() 
    Get the ActionRequest. Can only be invoked in the event phase.
 public static ActionResponse getActionResponse() 
    Get the ActionRequest. Can only be invoked in the event phase.
 public static ActionMapping getDefaultActionForMode() 
    Get the default action mapping for the current mode.
 public static Map getModeNamespaceMap() 
    Get the namespace to mode mappings.
 public static Integer getPhase() 
    Get the phase that the portlet is executing in.
 public static PortletConfig getPortletConfig() 
    Get the PortletConfig of the portlet that is executing.
 public static PortletContext getPortletContext() 
    Get the portlet context.
 public static String getPortletNamespace() 
    Get the action namespace of the portlet. Used to organize actions for multiple portlets in the same portlet application.
 public static RenderRequest getRenderRequest() 
    Get the RenderRequest. Can only be invoked in the render phase.
 public static RenderResponse getRenderResponse() 
    Get the RenderResponse. Can only be invoked in the render phase.
 public static PortletRequest getRequest() 
    Get the current PortletRequest.
 public static PortletResponse getResponse() 
    Get the current PortletResponse
 public static boolean isEvent() 
 public static boolean isPortletRequest() 
    Check to see if the current request is a portlet request.
 public static boolean isRender() 
 public static  void setPortletContext(PortletContext context) 
    Convenience setter for the portlet context.
 public static  void setRequest(PortletRequest request) 
    Convenience setter for the portlet request.
 public static  void setResponse(PortletResponse response) 
    Convenience setter for the portlet response.