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public class: PortletPrincipalProxy [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

PrincipalProxy implementation for using PortletRequest Principal related methods.
 public PortletPrincipalProxy(PortletRequest request) 
    Constructs a proxy
    request - The underlying request
Method from org.apache.struts2.portlet.interceptor.PortletPrincipalProxy Summary:
getRemoteUser,   getRequest,   getUserPrincipal,   isRequestSecure,   isUserInRole
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Method from org.apache.struts2.portlet.interceptor.PortletPrincipalProxy Detail:
 public String getRemoteUser() 
    Gets the user id
 public HttpServletRequest getRequest() 
Deprecated! To - obtain the HttpServletRequest in your action, use org.apache.struts2.servlet.ServletRequestAware , since this method will be dropped in future.

    Gets the request.
 public Principal getUserPrincipal() 
    Gets the user principal
 public boolean isRequestSecure() 
    Is the request using https?
 public boolean isUserInRole(String role) 
    True if the user is in the given role