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PortletConfigAware   Actions that wants a reference to the PortletConfig object can implement this interface.  code | html
PortletContextAware     code | html
PortletPreferencesAware   All Actions that want to have access to the portlet preferences should implement this interface.  code | html
PortletRequestAware     code | html
PortletResponseAware     code | html


PortletAwareInterceptor     code | html
PortletPreferencesInterceptor   An interceptor which provides an implementation of PortletPreferences if the Action implements PortletPreferencesAware.  code | html
PortletPrincipalProxy   PrincipalProxy implementation for using PortletRequest Principal related methods.  code | html
PortletStateInterceptor     code | html
ServletPortletPreferences   Simple portlet preferences implementation that uses a map in the Session as storage.  code | html