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Sub Packages:



ContentTypeHandlerManager   Manages content type handlers  code | html
HttpHeaders   Type-safe rest-related informtion to apply to a response  code | html


ContentTypeInterceptor   Uses the content handler to apply the request body to the action  code | html
DefaultContentTypeHandlerManager   Manages ContentTypeHandler instances and uses them to process results  code | html
DefaultHttpHeaders   Default implementation of rest info that uses fluent-style construction  code | html
RestActionInvocation   Extends the usual ActionInvocation to add support for processing the object returned from the action execution.  code | html
RestActionMapper   This Restful action mapper enforces Ruby-On-Rails Rest-style mappings.  code | html
RestActionProxyFactory   Factory that creates the RestActionInvocation   code | html
RestActionSupport   Extends ActionSupport to provides a default implementation of the index method that can be invoked for unknown actions by the com.opensymphony.xwork2.UnknownHandler code | html
RestWorkflowInterceptor   An interceptor that makes sure there are not validation errors before allowing the interceptor chain to continue.  code | html