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public class: Struts1Factory [javadoc | source]
Provides conversion methods between the Struts Action 1.x and XWork classes.
 public Struts1Factory(Configuration config) 
Method from org.apache.struts2.s1.Struts1Factory Summary:
convertErrors,   createActionForward,   createActionMapping,   createActionMapping,   createExceptionConfig,   createModuleConfig
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Method from org.apache.struts2.s1.Struts1Factory Detail:
 public  void convertErrors(ActionErrors errors,
    Object action) 
 public ActionForward createActionForward(ResultConfig cfg) 
    Create a Struts 1.x ActionForward from an XWork ResultConfig.
 public ActionMapping createActionMapping(ActionConfig cfg) 
    Create a Struts 1.x ActionMapping from an XWork ActionConfig.
 ActionMapping createActionMapping(ActionConfig cfg,
    String actionPath,
    ModuleConfig moduleConfig) 
    Create a Struts 1.x ActionMapping from an XWork ActionConfig. This version provides an existing action path and ModuleConfig. Package-protected for now; may not need to be exposed publicly.
 public ExceptionConfig createExceptionConfig(ExceptionMappingConfig cfg) 
    Create a Struts 1.x ExceptionConfig from an XWork ExceptionMappingConfig.
 public ModuleConfig createModuleConfig(String packageName) 
    Create a Struts 1.x ModuleConfig based on an XWork package configuration.