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Sub Packages:



FreemarkerManager   Static Configuration Manager for the FreemarkerResult's configuration

Possible extension points are :-

  • createConfiguration method
  • loadSettings method
  • getTemplateLoader method
  • populateContext method

createConfiguration method
Create a freemarker Configuration. 

code | html
FreemarkerResult   Renders a view using the Freemarker template engine.  code | html
PortletFreemarkerResult     code | html
ScopesHashModel   Simple Hash model that also searches other scopes.  code | html
StrutsBeanWrapper   The StrutsBeanWrapper extends the default FreeMarker BeansWrapper and provides almost no change in functionality, except for how it handles maps.  code | html
StrutsBeanWrapper.FriendlyMapModel   Attempting to get the best of both worlds of FM's MapModel and SimpleMapModel, by reimplementing the isEmpty(), keySet() and values() methods.  code | html
StrutsClassTemplateLoader     code | html