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Sub Packages:



Endpoint   Endpoint defines the behavior common to all Synapse endpoints.  code | html


AddressEndpoint   This class represents an actual endpoint to send the message.  code | html
DefaultEndpoint   This class represents an endpoint with epr as addressing to header of the message.  code | html
EndpointContext   Keeps the states of the endpoint.This hides where those states are kept .For a cluster environment,all states are kept in the axis2 configuration context in order to replicate those states so that other synapse instance in the same cluster can see those changes .  code | html
FailoverEndpoint   FailoverEndpoint can have multiple child endpoints.  code | html
IndirectEndpoint   This class represents the endpoints referred by keys.  code | html
LoadbalanceEndpoint   Load balance endpoint can have multiple endpoints.  code | html
SALoadbalanceEndpoint   SALoadbalanceEndpoint supports session affinity based load balancing.  code | html
WSDLEndpoint   WSDLEndpoint represents the endpoints built using a wsdl document.  code | html