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AxisJMSException     code | html
JMSConnectionFactory   Encapsulate a JMS Connection factory definition within an Axis2.xml

More than one JMS connection factory could be defined within an Axis2 XML specifying the JMSListener as the transportReceiver. 

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JMSConstants     code | html
JMSListener   The JMS Transport listener implementation.  code | html
JMSMessageReceiver   This is the actual receiver which listens for and accepts JMS messages, and hands them over to be processed by a worker thread.  code | html
JMSMessageReceiver.Worker   The actual Worker implementation which will process the received JMS messages in the worker thread pool  code | html
JMSOutTransportInfo   The JMS OutTransportInfo is a holder of information to send an outgoing message (e.g.  code | html
JMSSender   The TransportSender for JMS  code | html
JMSUtils   Miscallaneous methods used for the JMS transport  code | html