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Sub Packages:



SimpleMap     code | html


AXIOMUtils   Utility class with AXIOM helper methods.  code | html
ClasspathURLStreamHandler     code | html
ClasspathURLStreamHandler.URLConnectionImpl     code | html
DataSourceRegistrar   Utility class to handle data source registration  code | html
FixedByteArrayOutputStream     code | html
HandlerUtil   This is a helper class to get the loggin done in both in and out handlers  code | html
MessageHelper     code | html
POXUtils     code | html
PayloadHelper     code | html
PolicyInfo   Keeps the information on the Proxy service Policies  code | html
RMIRegistryController     code | html
SimpleMapImpl     code | html
SynapseBinaryDataSource   DataSource which will be used to pass the Hessian messages in to SOAP body within axis2/synapse  code | html
TemporaryData   Class representing some temporary data in the form of a byte stream.  code | html
TemporaryData.InputStreamImpl     code | html
TemporaryData.OutputStreamImpl     code | html
TextFileDataSource     code | html
UUIDGenerator   This is a thread-safe version of the Axiom UUIDGenerator to be used until it is fixed in the next Axiom release  code | html
WrappedTextNodeStreamReader   XMLInputStreamReader implementation that represents a text node wrapped inside an element.  code | html