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BeanModel   Provides the information necessary to build a user interface to view, create or edit an instance of a particular type.  code | html
PropertyModel   Part of a org.apache.tapestry5.beaneditor.BeanModel that defines the attributes of a single property of a bean.  code | html


RelativePosition   Controls the position of newly added PropertyModel s inside a BeanModel code | html
DataType   Used to explicitly set the data type used to select an editor (or display) block.  code | html
NonVisual   Marker annotation for properties which are non-visual, and so should not appear (by default) inside a BeanModel code | html
ReorderProperties   An annotation that may be placed on a JavaBean to re-order the properties.  code | html
Validate   Used to attach validation constraints directly to a property (either the getter or the setter method).  code | html
Width   Defines the desired width of the field used to edit the property.  code | html