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public class: Select [javadoc | source]

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Select an item from a list of values, using an [X]HTML <select> element on the client side. An validation decorations will go around the entire <select> element.

A core part of this component is the ValueEncoder (the encoder parameter) that is used to convert between server-side values and client-side strings. In many cases, a ValueEncoder can be generated automatically from the type of the value parameter. The ValueEncoderSource service provides an encoder in these situations; it can be overriden by binding the encoder parameter, or extended by contributing a ValueEncoderFactory into the service's configuration.
Method from org.apache.tapestry5.corelib.components.Select Summary:
afterRender,   beginRender,   defaultBlankLabel,   defaultEncoder,   defaultModel,   defaultValidate,   isRequired,   options,   processSubmission,   setBlankOption,   setModel,   setValidationTracker,   setValue,   setValueEncoder
Methods from org.apache.tapestry5.corelib.base.AbstractField:
afterDecorator,   beforeDecorator,   createDefaultParameterBinding,   decorateInsideField,   defaultLabel,   getClientId,   getControlName,   getLabel,   isDisabled,   isRequired,   processSubmission,   setDecorator,   setFormSupport,   setup
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Method from org.apache.tapestry5.corelib.components.Select Detail:
  void afterRender(MarkupWriter writer) 
  void beginRender(MarkupWriter writer) 
 Object defaultBlankLabel() 
 ValueEncoder defaultEncoder() 
 SelectModel defaultModel() 
 Binding defaultValidate() 
 public boolean isRequired() 
  void options(MarkupWriter writer) 
    Renders the options, including the blank option.
 protected  void processSubmission(String elementName) 
  void setBlankOption(BlankOption option,
    String label) 
  void setModel(SelectModel model) 
  void setValidationTracker(ValidationTracker tracker) 
  void setValue(Object value) 
  void setValueEncoder(ValueEncoder encoder)