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abstract public class: Node [javadoc | source]

Direct Known Subclasses:
    Comment, Document, Text, Element, Raw, CData

A node within the DOM.
 protected Node(Node container) 
    Creates a new node, setting its container to the provided value. Container may also be null, but that is only used for Document nodes (the topmost node of a DOM).
    container -
Method from org.apache.tapestry5.dom.Node Summary:
addChild,   asElement,   clearChildren,   getChildMarkup,   getChildren,   getContainer,   getDocument,   getNamespaceURIToPrefix,   hasChildren,   indexOfNode,   insertChildAt,   moveAfter,   moveBefore,   moveToBottom,   moveToTop,   remove,   remove,   toMarkup,   toMarkup,   toString,   wrap,   writeChildMarkup
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Method from org.apache.tapestry5.dom.Node Detail:
  void addChild(Node child) 
 Element asElement() 
  void clearChildren() 
 public final String getChildMarkup() 
 public List<Node> getChildren() 
 public Node getContainer() 
    Returns the containing node for this node, or null if this node is the root element of the document.
 public Document getDocument() 
 protected Map<String, String> getNamespaceURIToPrefix() 
 boolean hasChildren() 
 int indexOfNode(Node node) 
  void insertChildAt(int index,
    Node child) 
 public Node moveAfter(Element element) 
    Moves this node so that it becomes a sibling of the element, ordered just after the element.
 public Node moveBefore(Element element) 
    Moves this node so that it becomes a sibling of the element, ordered just before the element.
 public Node moveToBottom(Element element) 
    Moves this node so that it the last child of the element.
 public Node moveToTop(Element element) 
    Moves this node so that it becomes this first child of the element, shifting existing elements forward.
 public  void remove() 
    Removes a node from its container, setting its container property to null, and removing it from its container's list of children.
  void remove(Node node) 
    Removes a child node from this node.
 public  void toMarkup(PrintWriter writer) 
    Writes the markup for this node to the writer.
 abstract  void toMarkup(Document document,
    PrintWriter writer,
    Map<String, String> namespaceURIToPrefix)
    Implemented by each subclass, with the document passed in for efficiency.
 public String toString() 
 public Element wrap(String elementName,
    String namesAndValues) 
    Wraps a node inside a new element. The new element is created before the node, then the node is moved inside the new element.
  void writeChildMarkup(Document document,
    PrintWriter writer,
    Map<String, String> namespaceURIToPrefix)