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public interface: HibernateSessionManager [javadoc | source]

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Manages the Hibernate session for the current thread. This includes creating the session as needed, allowing the session to checkpoint (commit the current transaction and continue) and commit the transaction automatically at the end of the request.

Remember that in Tapestry, action requests and render requests are entirely separate, and you will see a separate request and a separate transaction for each. Care should be taken to ensure that entity objects that are retained (in the session, as persistent field values) between requests are handled correctly (they tend to become detached instances).

This implementation of this service is per-thread.
Method from org.apache.tapestry5.hibernate.HibernateSessionManager Summary:
abort,   commit,   getSession
Method from org.apache.tapestry5.hibernate.HibernateSessionManager Detail:
 public  void abort()
    Aborts the current transaction, and starts a new transaction to replace it.
 public  void commit()
    Commits the current transaction (which will cause a flush of data to the database), then starts a new transaction to replace it.
 public Session getSession()
    Gets the active session for this request, creating it as necessary. When the session is first created, a transaction is started.