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Sub Packages:



HibernateConfigurer   Defines the interface for a chain-of-command that updates Hibernate configuration in some way before the org.hibernate.SessionFactory is created.  code | html
HibernateEntityPackageManager   Contains a set of contributed package names from which to load entities.  code | html
HibernateSessionManager   Manages the Hibernate session for the current thread.  code | html
HibernateSessionSource   Responsible for creating a Hibernate session as needed.  code | html
HibernateTransactionDecorator   Service that can create an interceptor that wraps around a service implementation.  code | html


HibernateConstants   Defines constants used inside the Tapestry Hibernate intergration.  code | html
HibernateGridDataSource   A simple implementation of org.apache.tapestry5.grid.GridDataSource based on a Hibernate Session and a known entity class.  code | html
HibernateModule     code | html