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CommitAfterWorker   Searches for methods that have the org.apache.tapestry5.hibernate.annotations.CommitAfter annotation and adds logic around the method to commit or abort the transaction.  code | html
DefaultHibernateConfigurer   Simply calls configure() to do the default Hibernate configuration. This will read the hibernate.cfg.xml file.  code | html
EntityPersistentFieldStrategy   Persists Hibernate entities by storing their id in the session.  code | html
HibernateEntityValueEncoder     code | html
HibernateMessages     code | html
HibernateSessionManagerImpl     code | html
HibernateSessionSourceImpl     code | html
HibernateTransactionDecoratorImpl     code | html
ImmutableConfiguration   Delegates all method calls to another instance.  code | html
PackageNameHibernateConfigurer   Adds entity classes from a given set of packages to the configuration.  code | html
PersistedEntity   Encapsulates a Hibernate entity name with an entity id.  code | html