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ConstantInjector   Used to inject constants into fields via the constructor.  code | html
CtClassSource   Used when generating new classes on the fly.  code | html

Abstract Classes:

AbstractInvocation   Base class for org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.Invocation , which is extended with a dynamically generated class generated for each individual class and method.  code | html


AbstractFab   Base class for org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.internal.services.ClassFabImpl code | html
AccessableObjectAnnotationProvider   Provides access to annotations of an accessable object such as a java.lang.reflect.Method or java.lang.reflect.Field code | html
AdvisedMethodInvocationBuilder   Manages a single method of an advised service, responsible for constructing a subclass of org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.internal.services.AbstractInvocation code | html
AnnotationProviderChain   Chain of command for org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.AnnotationProvider code | html
AspectDecoratorImpl     code | html
AspectInterceptorBuilderImpl     code | html
BridgeBuilder   Used by the org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.internal.services.PipelineBuilderImpl to create bridge classes and to create instances of bridge classes.  code | html
ChainBuilderImpl     code | html
ClassFabImpl   Implementation of org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.services.ClassFab code | html
ClassFactoryClassPool   Used to ensure that javassist.ClassPool#appendClassPath(javassist.ClassPath) is invoked within a synchronized lock, and also handles tricky class loading issues (caused by the creation of classes, and class loaders, at runtime).  code | html
ClassFactoryImpl   Implementation of org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.services.ClassFactory code | html
ClassNameLocatorImpl     code | html
ClassNameLocatorImpl.Queued     code | html
ClassPropertyAdapterImpl     code | html
ClasspathURLConverterImpl   Default implementation that returns the URLs unchanged.  code | html
CompoundCoercion   Combines two coercions to create a coercsion through an intermediate type.  code | html
ConstantInjectorImpl     code | html
ConstantInjectorImpl.InjectedValue     code | html
CtClassSourceImpl   Wrapper around Javassist's javassist.ClassPool that manages the creation of new instances of javassist.CtClass and converts finished CtClass's into instantiable Classes.  code | html
DefaultImplementationBuilderImpl     code | html
ExceptionAnalysisImpl     code | html
ExceptionAnalyzerImpl     code | html
ExceptionInfoImpl     code | html
ExceptionTrackerImpl     code | html
FilterMethodAnalyzer   Used by org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.internal.services.PipelineBuilderImpl to analyze service interface methods against filter interface methods to find the position of the extra service parameter (in the filter method).  code | html
JustInTimeObjectCreator   Invoked from a fabricated service delegate to get or realize (instantiate and configure) the service implementation.  code | html
LoggingAdvice     code | html
LoggingDecoratorImpl     code | html
MapSymbolProvider   Provides symbol values from a Map of symbol names and symbol values (typically provided by a Tapestry IOC service configuration).  code | html
MasterObjectProviderImpl     code | html
MethodInfo   Used by org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.internal.services.AdvisedMethodInvocationBuilder to track the method being invoked, and the list of org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.MethodAdvice associated with the method.  code | html
MethodLogger   Used by org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.internal.services.LoggingDecoratorImpl to delegate out logging behavior to a seperate object.  code | html
PerThreadServiceCreator   Provides per-thread implementations of services.  code | html
PerThreadServiceLifecycle   Allows a service to exist "per thread" (in each thread).  code | html
PerthreadManagerImpl     code | html
PerthreadManagerImpl.MapHolder     code | html
PipelineBuilderImpl     code | html
PropertyAccessImpl     code | html
PropertyAdapterImpl     code | html
PropertyShadowBuilderImpl     code | html
RegistryShutdownHubImpl     code | html
RegistryStartup   Startup service for Tapestry IoC: automatically invoked at {@linkplain Registry#performRegistryStartup() registry startup} to execute a series of operations, via its ordered configuration of Runnable objects.  code | html
ServiceMessages     code | html
StrategyBuilderImpl     code | html
StringLocation   Implementation of Location used when the underlying resource isn't really known.  code | html
SymbolObjectProvider   Performs an injection based on a Symbol annotation.  code | html
SymbolSourceImpl     code | html
SymbolSourceImpl.SymbolExpansion   Contains execution data needed when performing an expansion (largely, to check for endless recursion).  code | html
SystemPropertiesSymbolProvider   Obtains symbol values from JVM System properties.  code | html
ThreadLocaleImpl     code | html
TypeCoercerImpl     code | html
TypeCoercerImpl.TargetCoercion   A coercion to a specific target type. Manages a cache of coercions to specific types.  code | html
ValueObjectProvider   Provides an object when the Value annotation is present.  code | html