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Sub Packages:

org.apache.tiles.evaluator.el   Deprecated package containing only deprecated classes that can perform EL evaluation for attributes.  
org.apache.tiles.evaluator.impl   Classes to manage attribute value evaluation.  


AttributeEvaluator   It represents an object that resolves a string to return an object.  code | html
AttributeEvaluatorFactory   Creates an attribute evaluator using the language or an attribute.  code | html
AttributeEvaluatorFactoryAware   It represents an object that can use an AttributeEvaluatorFactory code | html

Abstract Classes:

AbstractAttributeEvaluator   Abstract class to link a correct evaluation of an attribute, by evaluating Attribute#getValue() and then Attribute#getExpressionObject() code | html


BasicAttributeEvaluatorFactory   Basic implementation of AttributeEvaluatorFactory code | html
EvaluationException   Exception raised when an expression language evaluation fails.  code | html