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MVELAttributeEvaluator   Allows to use MVEL as the language to evaluate attribute values.  code | html
TilesContextBeanVariableResolverFactory   Resolves beans stored in request, session and application scopes.  code | html
TilesContextBeanVariableResolverFactory.TilesContextBeanVariableResolver   Resolves a single attribute stored in request, session or application scope.  code | html
TilesContextVariableResolverFactory   Resolves org.apache.tiles.context.TilesRequestContext and org.apache.tiles.TilesApplicationContext properties as variables.  code | html
TilesContextVariableResolverFactory.ApplicationVariableResolver   Resolves a org.apache.tiles.TilesApplicationContext property as a variable.  code | html
TilesContextVariableResolverFactory.RequestVariableResolver   Resolves a org.apache.tiles.context.TilesRequestContext property as a variable.  code | html