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Sub Packages:

org.apache.tools.ant.taskdefs.optional.perforce   ANT Tasks for Perforce integration.  
org.apache.tools.ant.taskdefs.optional.sos   Ant tasks for working with a SourceOffSite source control system.  


AntStructure.StructurePrinter   Writes the actual structure information.  code | html
Concat.ReaderFactory     code | html
ExecuteStreamHandler   Used by Execute to handle input and output stream of subprocesses.  code | html
Get.DownloadProgress   Interface implemented for reporting progess of downloading.  code | html
Touch.DateFormatFactory     code | html
XSLTLiaison   Proxy interface for XSLT processors.  code | html
XSLTLiaison2   Extended Proxy interface for XSLT processors.  code | html
XSLTLiaison3   Extends Proxy interface for XSLT processors.  code | html
XSLTLogger   Interface to log messages for XSLT  code | html
XSLTLoggerAware   Interface for a class that one can set an XSLTLogger on.  code | html

Abstract Classes:

AbstractCvsTask   original Cvs.java 1.20 NOTE: This implementation has been moved here from Cvs.java with the addition of some accessors for extensibility.  code | html
AbstractJarSignerTask   This is factored out from SignJar ; a base class that can be used for both signing and verifying JAR files using jarsigner  code | html
DefBase   Base class for Definitions handling uri and class loading.  code | html
Definer   Base class for Taskdef and Typedef - handles all the attributes for Typedef.  code | html
JDBCTask   Handles JDBC configuration needed by SQL type tasks.  code | html
Length.Handler     code | html
MatchingTask   This is an abstract task that should be used by all those tasks that require to include or exclude files based on pattern matching.  code | html
Pack   Abstract Base class for pack tasks.  code | html
TaskdefsTest     code | html
Unpack   Abstract Base class for unpack tasks.  code | html


AbstractCvsTask.Module     code | html
Ant   Build a sub-project.  code | html
Ant.PropertyType     code | html
Ant.Reference   Helper class that implements the nested <reference> element of <ant> and <antcall>.  code | html
Ant.TargetElement   Helper class that implements the nested <target> element of <ant> and <antcall>.  code | html
AntStructure   Creates a partial DTD for Ant from the currently known tasks.  code | html
AntStructure.DTDPrinter     code | html
AntTest.BasedirChecker     code | html
AntTest.InputHandlerChecker     code | html
AntTest.PropertyChecker     code | html
AntTest.ReferenceChecker     code | html
Antlib   Antlib task.  code | html
AntlibDefinition   Base class for tasks that that can be used in antlibs.  code | html
AntlibTest.MyTask     code | html
AntlibTest.MyTask2     code | html
Apt   Apt Task for running the Annotation processing tool for JDK 1.5.  code | html
Apt.Option   The nested option element.  code | html
AugmentReference   Ant task to dynamically augment a previously declared reference.  code | html
Available   Will set the given property if the requested resource is available at runtime.  code | html
Available.FileDir   EnumeratedAttribute covering the file types to be checked for, either file or dir.  code | html
BUnzip2   Expands a file that has been compressed with the BZIP2 algorithm.  code | html
BZip2   Compresses a file with the BZIP2 algorithm.  code | html
Basename   Sets a property to the base name of a specified file, optionally minus a suffix.  code | html
BuildNumber   Read, increment, and write a build number in a file It will first attempt to read a build number from a file, then set the property "build.number" to the value that was read in (or 0 if no such value).  code | html
CVSPass   Adds an new entry to a CVS password file.  code | html
CallTarget   Call another target in the same project.  code | html
Checksum   Used to create or verify file checksums.  code | html
Checksum.FileUnion     code | html
Checksum.FormatElement   Helper class for the format attribute.  code | html
Chmod   Chmod equivalent for unix-like environments.  code | html
Classloader   EXPERIMENTAL Create or modifies ClassLoader.  code | html
CloseResources   Not a real task but used during tests.  code | html
Componentdef   Adds a compenent definition to the current project.  code | html
Concat   This class contains the 'concat' task, used to concatenate a series of files into a single stream.  code | html
Concat.ConcatResource     code | html
Concat.MultiReader   This class reads from each of the source files in turn.  code | html
Concat.TextElement   sub element points to a file or contains text  code | html
ConditionTask   Task to set a property conditionally using <uptodate>, <available>, and many other supported conditions.  code | html
Copy   Copies a file or directory to a new file or directory.  code | html
CopyPath   Copy the contents of a path to a destination, using the mapper of choice  code | html
Copydir   Copies a directory.  code | html
Copyfile   Copies a file.  code | html
Cvs   Performs operations on a CVS repository.  code | html
DefaultExcludes   Alters the default excludes for the entire build..  code | html
Definer.Format   Enumerated type for format attribute  code | html
Definer.OnError   Enumerated type for onError attribute  code | html
Definer.ResourceStack     code | html
Delete   Deletes a file or directory, or set of files defined by a fileset.  code | html
Delete.ReverseDirs     code | html
Deltree     code | html
DemuxOutputTask   A simple task that prints to System.out and System.err and then catches the output which it then checks.  code | html
DependSet   Examines and removes out of date target files.  code | html
DependSet.HideMissingBasedir     code | html
DependSet.NonExistent     code | html
DiagnosticsTask   This is a task that hands off work to the Diagnostics module.  code | html
Dirname   Determines the directory name of the specified file.  code | html
DynamicTask     code | html
DynamicTask.Sub     code | html
Ear   Creates a EAR archive. Based on WAR task  code | html
Echo   Writes a message to the Ant logging facilities.  code | html
Echo.EchoLevel   The enumerated values for the level attribute.  code | html
EchoXML   Echo XML.  code | html
EchoXML.NamespacePolicy     code | html
Exec   Executes a given command if the os platform is appropriate.  code | html
Exec.StreamPumper     code | html
ExecTask   Executes a given command if the os platform is appropriate.  code | html
ExecTaskTest.MonitoredBuild     code | html
ExecTaskTest.MonitoredBuildListener     code | html
Execute   Runs an external program.  code | html
Execute.CommandLauncher   A command launcher for a particular JVM/OS platform.  code | html
Execute.CommandLauncherProxy   A command launcher that proxies another command launcher.  code | html
Execute.Java13CommandLauncher   A command launcher for JDK/JRE 1.3 (and higher).  code | html
Execute.MacCommandLauncher   A command launcher for Mac that uses a dodgy mechanism to change working directory before launching commands.  code | html
Execute.OS2CommandLauncher   A command launcher for OS/2 that uses 'cmd.exe' when launching commands in directories other than the current working directory.  code | html
Execute.PerlScriptCommandLauncher   A command launcher that uses an auxiliary perl script to launch commands in directories other than the current working directory.  code | html
Execute.ScriptCommandLauncher   A command launcher that uses an auxiliary script to launch commands in directories other than the current working directory.  code | html
Execute.VmsCommandLauncher   A command launcher for VMS that writes the command to a temporary DCL script before launching commands.  code | html
Execute.WinNTCommandLauncher   A command launcher for Windows XP/2000/NT that uses 'cmd.exe' when launching commands in directories other than the current working directory.  code | html
ExecuteJava   Execute a Java class.  code | html
ExecuteOn   Executes a given command, supplying a set of files as arguments.  code | html
ExecuteOn.FileDirBoth   Enumerated attribute with the values "file", "dir" and "both" for the type attribute.  code | html
ExecuteWatchdog   Destroys a process running for too long.  code | html
Exit   Exits the active build, giving an additional message if available.  code | html
Exit.NestedCondition     code | html
Expand   Unzip a file.  code | html
FileSize   Determines the size of a file and sets a Project property.  code | html
Filter   Sets a token filter that is used by the file copy tasks to do token substitution.  code | html
FixCRLF   Converts text source files to local OS formatting conventions, as well as repair text files damaged by misconfigured or misguided editors or file transfer programs.  code | html
FixCRLF.AddAsisRemove   Enumerated attribute with the values "asis", "add" and "remove".  code | html
FixCRLF.CrLf   Enumerated attribute with the values "asis", "cr", "lf" and "crlf".  code | html
FixCRLF.OneLiner   Deprecated, the functionality has been moved to filters.FixCrLfFilter.  code | html
FixCRLF.OneLiner.BufferLine     code | html
GUnzip   Expands a file that has been compressed with the GZIP algorithm.  code | html
GZip   Compresses a file with the GZIP algorithm.  code | html
GenerateKey   Generates a key in a keystore.  code | html
GenerateKey.DistinguishedName   A class corresponding to the dname nested element.  code | html
GenerateKey.DnameParam   A DistinguishedName parameter.  code | html
Get   Gets a particular file from a URL source.  code | html
Get.Base64Converter   Provide this for Backward Compatibility.  code | html
Get.GetThread     code | html
Get.NullProgress   do nothing with progress info  code | html
Get.VerboseProgress   verbose progress system prints to some output stream  code | html
HostInfo   Sets properties to the host provided, or localhost if no information is provided.  code | html
ImportTask   Task to import another build file into the current project.  code | html
Input   Reads an input line from the console.  code | html
Input.Handler   Represents an InputHandler.  code | html
Input.HandlerType   EnumeratedAttribute representing the built-in input handler types: "default", "propertyfile", "greedy", "secure" (since Ant 1.8).  code | html
Jar   Creates a JAR archive.  code | html
Jar.FilesetManifestConfig   The manifest config enumerated type.  code | html
Jar.StrictMode   The strict enumerated type.  code | html
Java   Launcher for Java applications.  code | html
JavaTest.EntryPoint   entry point class with no dependencies other than normal JRE runtime  code | html
JavaTest.ExceptingEntryPoint   entry point class with no dependencies other than normal JRE runtime  code | html
JavaTest.PipeEntryPoint   entry point class to pipe System.in to the specified stream: "out", "err", or "both".  code | html
JavaTest.SpawnEntryPoint   test class for spawn  code | html
Javac   Compiles Java source files.  code | html
Javac.ImplementationSpecificArgument   Adds an "compiler" attribute to Commandline$Attribute used to filter command line attributes based on the current implementation.  code | html
Javadoc   Generates Javadoc documentation for a collection of source code.  code | html
Javadoc.AccessType   EnumeratedAttribute implementation supporting the Javadoc scoping values.  code | html
Javadoc.DocletInfo   This class stores info about doclets.  code | html
Javadoc.DocletParam   Inner class used to manage doclet parameters.  code | html
Javadoc.ExtensionInfo   A project aware class used for Javadoc extensions which take a name and a path such as doclet and taglet arguments.  code | html
Javadoc.GroupArgument   A class corresponding to the group nested element.  code | html
Javadoc.Html   An HTML element in the Javadoc.  code | html
Javadoc.JavadocOutputStream     code | html
Javadoc.LinkArgument   Represents a link triplet (href, whether link is offline, location of the package list if off line)  code | html
Javadoc.PackageName   Used to track info about the packages to be javadoc'd  code | html
Javadoc.ResourceCollectionContainer   Holds a collection of ResourceCollections.  code | html
Javadoc.SourceFile   This class is used to manage the source files to be processed.  code | html
Javadoc.TagArgument   Class representing a -tag argument.  code | html
Jikes   Encapsulates a Jikes compiler, by directly executing an external process.  code | html
JikesOutputParser   Parses output from jikes and passes errors and warnings into the right logging channels of Project.  code | html
KeySubst   Keyword substitution.  code | html
Length   Gets lengths: of files/resources, byte size; of strings, length (optionally trimmed).  code | html
Length.AccumHandler     code | html
Length.AllHandler     code | html
Length.EachHandler     code | html
Length.FileMode   EnumeratedAttribute operation mode  code | html
Length.When   EnumeratedAttribute for the when attribute.  code | html
LoadFile   Load a file into a property  code | html
LoadProperties   Load a file's contents as Ant properties.  code | html
LoadResource   Load a resource into a property  code | html
Local   Task to create a local property in the current scope.  code | html
LogOutputStream   Logs each line written to this stream to the log system of ant.  code | html
LogStreamHandler   Logs standard output and error of a subprocess to the log system of ant.  code | html
MacroDef   Describe class MacroDef here.  code | html
MacroDef.Attribute   An attribute for the MacroDef task.  code | html
MacroDef.MyAntTypeDefinition   extends AntTypeDefinition, on create of the object, the template macro definition is given.  code | html
MacroDef.NestedSequential   The class corresponding to the sequential nested element.  code | html
MacroDef.TemplateElement   A nested element for the MacroDef task.  code | html
MacroDef.Text   A nested text element for the MacroDef task.  code | html
MacroInstance   The class to be placed in the ant type definition.  code | html
MacroInstance.Element   Embedded element in macro instance  code | html
MakeUrl   This task takes file and turns them into a URL, which it then assigns to a property.  code | html
Manifest   Holds the data of a jar manifest.  code | html
Manifest.Attribute   An attribute for the manifest.  code | html
Manifest.Section   A manifest section - you can nest attribute elements into sections.  code | html
ManifestClassPath   Converts a Path into a property suitable as a Manifest classpath.  code | html
ManifestException   Exception thrown indicating problems in a JAR Manifest  code | html
ManifestTask   Creates a manifest file for inclusion in a JAR, Ant task wrapper around Manifest code | html
ManifestTask.Mode   Helper class for Manifest's mode attribute.  code | html
Mkdir   Creates a given directory.  code | html
Move   Moves a file or directory to a new file or directory.  code | html
MultiMapTest.TestMapper     code | html
Nice   A task to provide "nice-ness" to the current thread, and/or to query the current value.  code | html
Parallel   Executes the contained tasks in separate threads, continuing once all are completed.  code | html
Parallel.TaskList   Class which holds a list of tasks to execute  code | html
Parallel.TaskRunnable   thread that execs a task  code | html
Patch   Patches a file by applying a 'diff' file to it; requires "patch" to be on the execution path.  code | html
PathConvert   Converts path and classpath information to a specific target OS format.  code | html
PathConvert.MapEntry   Helper class, holds the nested <map> values.  code | html
PathConvert.TargetOs   An enumeration of supported targets: "windows", "unix", "netware", and "os/2".  code | html
PreSetDef   The preset definition task generates a new definition based on a current definition with some attributes or elements preset.  code | html
PreSetDef.PreSetDefinition   This class contains the unknown element and the object that is predefined.  code | html
PreSetDefTest.AntTypeTest   A test class to check presetdef with add and addConfigured and ant-type  code | html
PreSetDefTest.DefaultTest   A test class to check default properties  code | html
ProcessDestroyer   Destroys all registered Processes when the VM exits.  code | html
ProcessDestroyer.ProcessDestroyerImpl     code | html
Property   Sets a property by name, or set of properties (from file or resource) in the project.  code | html
PropertyHelperTask   This task is designed to allow the user to install a different PropertyHelper on the current Project.  code | html
PropertyHelperTask.DelegateElement   Nested delegate for refid usage.  code | html
PumpStreamHandler   Copies standard output and error of subprocesses to standard output and error of the parent process.  code | html
PumpStreamHandler.ThreadWithPumper   Specialized subclass that allows access to the running StreamPumper.  code | html
Recorder   Adds a listener to the current build process that records the output to a file.  code | html
Recorder.ActionChoices   A list of possible values for the setAction() method.  code | html
Recorder.VerbosityLevelChoices   A list of possible values for the setLoglevel() method.  code | html
RecorderEntry   This is a class that represents a recorder.  code | html
Redirector   The Redirector class manages the setup and connection of input and output redirection for an Ant project component.  code | html
Redirector.PropertyOutputStream     code | html
Rename   Renames a file.  code | html
Replace   Replaces all occurrences of one or more string tokens with given values in the indicated files.  code | html
Replace.FileInput   Class reading a file in small chunks, and presenting these chunks in a StringBuffer.  code | html
Replace.FileOutput   Component writing a file in chunks, taking the chunks from the Replacefilter.  code | html
Replace.NestedString   An inline string to use as the replacement text.  code | html
Replace.Replacefilter   A filter to apply.  code | html
ResourceCount   Count resources from a ResourceCollection, storing to a property or writing to the log.  code | html
Retry   Retries the nested task a set number of times  code | html
Rmic   Runs the rmic compiler against classes.

Rmic can be run on a single class (as specified with the classname attribute) or a number of classes at once (all classes below base that are neither _Stub nor _Skel classes). 

code | html
Rmic.ImplementationSpecificArgument   Adds an "compiler" attribute to Commandline$Attribute used to filter command line attributes based on the current implementation.  code | html
SQLExec   Executes a series of SQL statements on a database using JDBC.  code | html
SQLExec.DelimiterType   delimiters we support, "normal" and "row"  code | html
SQLExec.OnError   The action a task should perform on an error, one of "continue", "stop" and "abort"  code | html
SQLExec.Transaction   Contains the definition of a new transaction element.  code | html
SQLExecTest.NullDriver     code | html
SendEmail   A task to send SMTP email.  code | html
Sequential   Sequential is a container task - it can contain other Ant tasks.  code | html
SignJar   Signs JAR or ZIP files with the javasign command line tool.  code | html
Sleep   Sleep, or pause, for a period of time.  code | html
SleepTest.Timer   inner timer class  code | html
StreamPumper   Copies all data from an input stream to an output stream.  code | html
SubAnt   Calls a given target for all defined sub-builds.  code | html
SubAntTest.BasedirChecker     code | html
Sync   Synchronize a local target directory from the files defined in one or more filesets.  code | html
Sync.MyCopy   Subclass Copy in order to access it's file/dir maps.  code | html
Sync.SyncTarget   Inner class used to hold exclude patterns and selectors to save stuff that happens to live in the target directory but should not get removed.  code | html
Tar   Creates a tar archive.  code | html
Tar.TarCompressionMethod   Valid Modes for Compression attribute to Tar Task  code | html
Tar.TarFileSet   This is a FileSet with the option to specify permissions and other attributes.  code | html
Tar.TarLongFileMode   Set of options for long file handling in the task.  code | html
TaskOutputStream   Redirects text written to a stream thru the standard ant logging mechanism.  code | html
Taskdef   Adds a task definition to the current project, such that this new task can be used in the current project.  code | html
TaskdefsTest.AntOutputStream     code | html
TaskdefsTest.AntTestListener     code | html
TempFile   This task sets a property to the name of a temporary file.  code | html
TestProcess   Interactive Testcase for Processdestroyer.  code | html
TestProcess.TestProcessShutdownHook     code | html
TimeProcess   Helper class for ExecuteWatchdogTest and ExecuteJavaTest.  code | html
Touch   Touch a file and/or fileset(s) and/or filelist(s); corresponds to the Unix touch command.  code | html
Transform   Has been merged into ExecuteOn, empty class for backwards compatibility.  code | html
Truncate   Set the length of one or more files, as the intermittently available truncate Unix utility/function.  code | html
Tstamp   Sets properties to the current time, or offsets from the current time.  code | html
Tstamp.CustomFormat   This nested element that allows a property to be set to the current date and time in a given format.  code | html
Tstamp.Unit   set of valid units to use for time offsets.  code | html
TypeAdapterTest.MyExec     code | html
TypeAdapterTest.MyRunnable     code | html
TypeAdapterTest.MyTask     code | html
TypeAdapterTest.RunnableAdapter     code | html
Typedef   Adds a data type definition to the current project.  code | html
Untar   Untar a file.  code | html
Untar.UntarCompressionMethod   Valid Modes for Compression attribute to Untar Task  code | html
UpToDate   Sets the given property if the specified target has a timestamp greater than all of the source files.  code | html
VerifyJar   JAR verification task.  code | html
VerifyJar.BufferingOutputFilter   we are not thread safe here. Do not use on multiple threads at the same time.  code | html
VerifyJar.BufferingOutputFilterReader   catch the output of the buffer  code | html
WaitFor   Wait for an external event to occur.  code | html
WaitFor.Unit   The enumeration of units: millisecond, second, minute, hour, day, week  code | html
War   An extension of <jar> to create a WAR archive.  code | html
WhichResource   Find a class or resource on the supplied classpath, or the system classpath if none is supplied.  code | html
XSLTProcess   Processes a set of XML documents via XSLT.  code | html
XSLTProcess.Factory   The factory element to configure a transformer factory  code | html
XSLTProcess.Factory.Attribute   A JAXP factory attribute.  code | html
XSLTProcess.OutputProperty   Specify how the result tree should be output as specified in the specification code | html
XSLTProcess.Param   The Param inner class used to store XSL parameters  code | html
XSLTProcess.StyleMapper   Mapper implementation of the "traditional" way <xslt> mapped filenames.  code | html
XSLTProcess.TraceConfiguration   Configuration for Xalan2 traces.  code | html
XmlProperty   Loads property values from a valid XML file, generating the property names from the file's element and attribute names.  code | html
XmlnsTest.MyTask     code | html
Zip   Create a Zip file.  code | html
Zip.ArchiveState   Holds the up-to-date status and the out-of-date resources of the original archive.  code | html
Zip.Duplicate   Possible behaviors when a duplicate file is added: "add", "preserve" or "fail"  code | html
Zip.UnicodeExtraField   Policiy for creation of Unicode extra fields: never, always or not-encodeable.  code | html
Zip.WhenEmpty   Possible behaviors when there are no matching files for the task: "fail", "skip", or "create".  code | html

All Test Cases:

TaskdefsTest     code | html
AbstractCvsTaskTest     code | html
AntLikeTasksAtTopLevelTest     code | html
AntStructureTest     code | html
AntTest     code | html
AntlibTest     code | html
AvailableTest     code | html
BUnzip2Test     code | html
BZip2Test     code | html
BasenameTest     code | html
CVSPassTest   Tests CVSLogin task.  code | html
CallTargetTest     code | html
ChecksumTest     code | html
ConcatTest   A test class for the 'concat' task, used to concatenate a series of files into a single stream.  code | html
ConditionTest     code | html
CopyTest   Tests FileSet using the Copy task.  code | html
CopydirTest     code | html
CopyfileTest     code | html
DefaultExcludesTest     code | html
DeleteTest     code | html
DeltreeTest     code | html
DependSetTest   Tests DependSet.  code | html
DirnameTest     code | html
DynamicTest     code | html
EchoTest     code | html
ExecTaskTest   Unit test for the <exec> task.  code | html
ExecuteJavaTest   Simple testcase for the ExecuteJava class - mostly stolen from ExecuteWatchdogTest.  code | html
ExecuteOnTest   Unit test for the <apply> task.  code | html
ExecuteWatchdogTest   Simple testcase for the ExecuteWatchdog class.  code | html
FailTest     code | html
FilterTest     code | html
FixCrLfTest     code | html
GUnzipTest     code | html
GetTest     code | html
GzipTest     code | html
ImportTest     code | html
InitializeClassTest   Test to see if static initializers are invoked the same way when is invoked in forked and unforked modes.  code | html
InputTest     code | html
JarTest     code | html
JavaTest   stress out java task  code | html
JavacTest   Testcase for code | html
LoadFileTest   Test the load file task  code | html
LoadPropertiesTest     code | html
MacroDefTest     code | html
ManifestTest   Testcase for the Manifest class used in the jar task.  code | html
MkdirTest     code | html
MoveTest   Tests the Move task.  code | html
MultiMapTest     code | html
ParallelTest   Test of the parallel TaskContainer  code | html
PathConvertTest   Unit test for the <pathconvert> task.  code | html
PreSetDefTest     code | html
ProcessDestroyerTest     code | html
PropertyTest     code | html
RenameTest     code | html
ReplaceTest     code | html
RmicTest   Testcase for code | html
SQLExecTest   Simple testcase to test for driver caching.  code | html
SignJarTest   Testcase for the Signjar task  code | html
SleepTest     code | html
StyleTest   TestCases for