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public class: FileSet [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:
    ResourceCollection, SelectorContainer, Cloneable

Direct Known Subclasses:
    TarFileSet, ClassfileSet, TagArgument, ArchiveFileSet, LibFileSet, BCFileSet, MyFileSet, ZipFileSet, TarFileSet

Moved out of MatchingTask to make it a standalone object that could be referenced (by scripts for example).
Fields inherited from
ref,  checked
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project,  location,  description
 public FileSet() 
 protected FileSet(FileSet fileset) 
    Constructor for FileSet, with FileSet to shallowly clone.
    fileset - the fileset to clone
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Method from Detail:
 public Object clone() 
    Return a FileSet that has the same basedir and same patternsets as this one.
 public boolean isFilesystemOnly() 
    Always returns true.
 public Iterator iterator() 
    Fulfill the ResourceCollection contract.
 public int size() 
    Fulfill the ResourceCollection contract.