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abstract public class: BaseExtendSelector [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:
    ExtendFileSelector, FileSelector, Cloneable

Direct Known Subclasses:
    DepthSelector, ContainsSelector, DateSelector, FilenameSelector, ModifiedSelector, TypeSelector, SizeSelector, ContainsRegexpSelector

Convenience base class for all selectors accessed through ExtendSelector. It provides support for gathering the parameters together as well as for assigning an error message and throwing a build exception if an error is detected.
Field Summary
protected  Parameter[] parameters    The passed in parameter array. 
Fields inherited from
ref,  checked
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project,  location,  description
 public BaseExtendSelector() 
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getParameters,   isSelected,   setParameters
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getError,   isSelected,   setError,   validate,   verifySettings
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Method from Detail:
 protected Parameter[] getParameters() 
    Allows access to the parameters gathered and set within the <custom> tag.
 abstract public boolean isSelected(File basedir,
    String filename,
    File file) throws BuildException
    Method that each selector will implement to create their selection behaviour. If there is a problem with the setup of a selector, it can throw a BuildException to indicate the problem.
 public  void setParameters(Parameter[] parameters) 
    Set all the Parameters for this custom selector, collected by the ExtendSelector class.