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public class: ExtendSelector [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:
    FileSelector, Cloneable

Selector that selects files by forwarding the request on to other classes.
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 public ExtendSelector() 
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addParam,   createClasspath,   getClasspath,   isSelected,   selectorCreate,   setClassname,   setClasspath,   setClasspathref,   verifySettings
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Method from Detail:
 public  void addParam(Parameter p) 
    Create new parameters to pass to custom selector.
 public final Path createClasspath() 
    Specify the classpath to use to load the Selector (nested element).
 public final Path getClasspath() 
    Get the classpath
 public boolean isSelected(File basedir,
    String filename,
    File file) throws BuildException 
    Allows the custom selector to choose whether to select a file. This is also where the Parameters are passed to the custom selector, since we know we must have them all by now. And since we must know both classpath and classname, creating the class is deferred to here as well.
 public  void selectorCreate() 
    Instantiates the identified custom selector class.
 public  void setClassname(String classname) 
    Sets the classname of the custom selector.
 public final  void setClasspath(Path classpath) 
    Set the classpath to load the classname specified using an attribute.
 public  void setClasspathref(Reference r) 
    Set the classpath to use for loading a custom selector by using a reference.
 public  void verifySettings() 
    These are errors specific to ExtendSelector only. If there are errors in the custom selector, it should throw a BuildException when isSelected() is called.