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abstract public class: AbstractBean [javadoc | source]

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Direct Known Subclasses:
    WebBeansDecorator, EjbBean, AbstractProducerBean, JmsBean, WebBeansXMLDecorator, NewBean, ProducerFieldBean, InstanceBean, BeanManagerBean, ManagedBean, AbstractInjectionTargetBean, ExtensionBean, XMLManagedBean, InjectionPointBean, ConversationBean, ThirdpartyBeanImpl, EventBean, WebBeansInterceptor

Abstract implementation of the BaseBean contract.
Field Summary
protected  String name    Name of the bean 
protected  Annotation type    Deployment type of the bean 
protected  Annotation implScopeType    Scope type of the bean 
protected  Set<Annotation> implQualifiers    Qualifiers of the bean 
protected  Set<Type> apiTypes    Api types of the bean 
protected  WebBeansType webBeansType    Web Beans type 
protected  Class<T> returnType    Return type of the bean 
protected  Set<Annotation> stereoTypes    Stereotypes of the bean 
protected  boolean specializedBean    This bean is specialized or not 
protected  List<InterceptorData> interceptorStack    Holds the all of the interceptor related data, contains around-invoke, post-construct and pre-destroy 
protected  List<Object> decoratorStack    Holds decorator stack 
protected  boolean serializable    The bean is serializable or not 
protected  boolean nullable    The bean allows nullable object 
protected  Set<InjectionPoint> injectionPoints    Beans injection points 
protected  IBeanInheritedMetaData inheritedMetaData    Bean inherited meta data 
protected  InjectionPoint dependentOwnerInjectionPoint    Tracks dependent injection point owner, can be null 
protected  CreationalContext<T> creationalContext    Creational context 
 protected AbstractBean(WebBeansType webBeanType) 
    Creates a new instance.
    webBeanType - beans type
 protected AbstractBean(WebBeansType webBeansType,
    Class<T> returnType) 
    Constructor definiton. Each subclass redefines its own constructor with calling this.
    name - name of the bean
    webBeansType - web beans type
Method from org.apache.webbeans.component.AbstractBean Summary:
addApiType,   addInjectionPoint,   addQualifier,   addStereoType,   create,   createInstance,   destroy,   destroyInstance,   getBeanClass,   getCreationalContext,   getDecoratorStack,   getDependent,   getDependentOwnerInjectionPoint,   getDeploymentType,   getImplQualifiers,   getImplScopeType,   getInheritedMetaData,   getInjectionPoint,   getInjectionPoints,   getInterceptorStack,   getLogger,   getName,   getOwbStereotypes,   getPrecedence,   getQualifiers,   getReturnType,   getScope,   getStereotypes,   getType,   getTypes,   getWebBeansType,   isAlternative,   isNullable,   isSerializable,   isSpecializedBean,   setCreationalContext,   setDependentOwnerInjectionPoint,   setImplScopeType,   setInheritedMetaData,   setName,   setNullable,   setSerializable,   setSpecializedBean,   setType,   toString
Methods from org.apache.webbeans.component.BaseBean:
addApiType,   addInjectionPoint,   addQualifier,   addStereoType,   getCreationalContext,   getDecoratorStack,   getDependent,   getImplQualifiers,   getImplScopeType,   getInheritedMetaData,   getInjectionPoint,   getInterceptorStack,   getManager,   getOwbStereotypes,   getPrecedence,   getReturnType,   getType,   getWebBeansType,   isSpecializedBean,   setCreationalContext,   setImplScopeType,   setName,   setNullable,   setSerializable,   setSpecializedBean,   setType
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clone,   equals,   finalize,   getClass,   hashCode,   notify,   notifyAll,   toString,   wait,   wait,   wait
Method from org.apache.webbeans.component.AbstractBean Detail:
 public  void addApiType(Class<?> apiType) 
    Add new api type.
 public  void addInjectionPoint(InjectionPoint injectionPoint) 
 public  void addQualifier(Annotation qualifier) 
    Add new qualifier.
 public  void addStereoType(Annotation stereoType) 
    Add new stereotype.
 public T create(CreationalContext<T> creationalContext) 
 abstract protected T createInstance(CreationalContext<T> creationalContext)
    Creates the instance of the bean that has a specific implementation type. Each subclass must define its own create mechanism.
 public  void destroy(T instance,
    CreationalContext<T> creationalContext) 
 protected  void destroyInstance(T instance) 
    Destroy the instance of the bean. Each subclass must define its own destroy mechanism.
 public Class<?> getBeanClass() 
    Get return types of the bean.
 public CreationalContext<T> getCreationalContext() 
 public List<Object> getDecoratorStack() 
 public Object getDependent(Bean<?> dependentComponent,
    InjectionPoint injectionPoint) 
    Gets the dependent bean instance.
 public InjectionPoint getDependentOwnerInjectionPoint() 
 public Class<Annotation> getDeploymentType() 
 public Set<Annotation> getImplQualifiers() 
    Get qualifiers.
 public Annotation getImplScopeType() 
    Get scope type.
 public IBeanInheritedMetaData getInheritedMetaData() 
 public List<InjectionPoint> getInjectionPoint(Member member) 
 public Set<InjectionPoint> getInjectionPoints() 
 public List<InterceptorData> getInterceptorStack() 
 protected WebBeansLogger getLogger() 
 public String getName() 
    Name of the bean.
 public Set<Annotation> getOwbStereotypes() 
    Gets the stereotypes.
 public int getPrecedence() 
    Gets predecence of the bean.
 public Set<Annotation> getQualifiers() 
 public Class<T> getReturnType() 
    Gets type of the producer method.
 public Class<Annotation> getScope() 
 public Set<Annotation> getStereotypes() 
 public Annotation getType() 
    Get bean type.
 public Set<Type> getTypes() 
 public WebBeansType getWebBeansType() 
    Get web bean type of the bean.
 public boolean isAlternative() 
 public boolean isNullable() 
 public boolean isSerializable() 
 public boolean isSpecializedBean() 
 public  void setCreationalContext(CreationalContext<T> creationalContext) 
 public  void setDependentOwnerInjectionPoint(InjectionPoint dependentOwnerInjectionPoint) 
 public  void setImplScopeType(Annotation scopeType) 
    Set scope type.
 protected  void setInheritedMetaData() 
    Sets inherited meta data.
 public  void setName(String name) 
    Set name.
 public  void setNullable(boolean nullable) 
 public  void setSerializable(boolean serializable) 
 public  void setSpecializedBean(boolean specialized) 
 public  void setType(Annotation type) 
    Set bean type.
 public String toString()