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abstract public class: BaseBean [javadoc | source]

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Direct Known Subclasses:
    WebBeansDecorator, EjbBean, AbstractProducerBean, JmsBean, AbstractBean, WebBeansXMLDecorator, NewBean, ProducerFieldBean, InstanceBean, BeanManagerBean, ManagedBean, AbstractInjectionTargetBean, ExtensionBean, XMLManagedBean, InjectionPointBean, ConversationBean, ThirdpartyBeanImpl, EventBean, WebBeansInterceptor

OWB specific extension of the Bean interface. It is used internally. Do not use it. Instead use AbstractBean for extension.
 protected BaseBean(BeanManager manager) 
    Creates a new bean instance with given manager.
    manager - bean manager
Method from org.apache.webbeans.component.BaseBean Summary:
addApiType,   addInjectionPoint,   addQualifier,   addStereoType,   getCreationalContext,   getDecoratorStack,   getDependent,   getImplQualifiers,   getImplScopeType,   getInheritedMetaData,   getInjectionPoint,   getInterceptorStack,   getManager,   getOwbStereotypes,   getPrecedence,   getReturnType,   getType,   getWebBeansType,   isSpecializedBean,   setCreationalContext,   setImplScopeType,   setName,   setNullable,   setSerializable,   setSpecializedBean,   setType
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Method from org.apache.webbeans.component.BaseBean Detail:
 abstract public  void addApiType(Class<?> apiType)
    Adds new api type.
 abstract public  void addInjectionPoint(InjectionPoint injectionPoint)
    Adds new injection point.
 abstract public  void addQualifier(Annotation qualifier)
    Adds qualifier.
 abstract public  void addStereoType(Annotation stereoType)
    Adds new stereotype annotation.
 abstract public CreationalContext<T> getCreationalContext()
    Returns creational context of bean instance
 abstract public List<Object> getDecoratorStack()
    Gets decorator stack of bean instance.
 abstract public Object getDependent(Bean<?> dependentBean,
    InjectionPoint injectionPoint)
    Gets dependent bean at given injection point.
 abstract public Set<Annotation> getImplQualifiers()
    Returns set of qualifier annotations.
 abstract public Annotation getImplScopeType()
    Returns scope type annotation.
 abstract public IBeanInheritedMetaData getInheritedMetaData()
    Returns bean's inherited meta data.
 abstract public List<InjectionPoint> getInjectionPoint(Member member)
    Gets injection points for given member.

    For example, if member is field, it gets all injected field's injection points of bean.

 abstract public List<InterceptorData> getInterceptorStack()
    Gets interceptor stack of bean instance.
 protected BeanManager getManager() 
    Gets manager instance
 abstract public Set<Annotation> getOwbStereotypes()
    Gets stereotypes annotations.
 abstract public int getPrecedence()
    Gets precedence
 abstract public Class<T> getReturnType()
    Returns bean class type
 abstract public Annotation getType()
    Returna deployment type as annotation.
 abstract public WebBeansType getWebBeansType()
    Returns bean type.
 abstract public boolean isSpecializedBean()
    Returns true if bean is a specialized bean, false otherwise.
 abstract public  void setCreationalContext(CreationalContext<T> creationalContext)
    Set creational context
 abstract public  void setImplScopeType(Annotation scopeType)
    Sets bean scope type annotation.
 abstract public  void setName(String name)
    Sets name of the bean.
 abstract public  void setNullable(boolean nullable)
    Set nullable flag.
 abstract public  void setSerializable(boolean serializable)
    Sets serializable flag.
 abstract public  void setSpecializedBean(boolean specialized)
    Set specialized flag.
 abstract public  void setType(Annotation type)
    Sets bean deployment type annotation.