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public enum class: WebBeansType [javadoc | source]
There are different Web Beans Component with regard to the definition. These are the;

Bean Implementation Class Components are defined with annotating the ordinary classes with BaseBean annotation. It maybe defined within the web-beans.xml file using <class> element. It is possible to mix these two definitions.

Producer Method Components are defined within the class that is annotated with BaseBean annotation. In these classes, there are methods that are annotated with Produces annotation. These methods become the producer method components of this web beans component. It maybe defined using the web-beans.xml file using the <producer> element. It is possible to mix these two definitons.

For further details about the components, see Web Beans Specification Chapter-2.

Field Summary
public  WebBeansType MANAGED     
public  WebBeansType PRODUCERMETHOD     
public  WebBeansType PRODUCERFIELD     
public  WebBeansType RESOURCEBEAN     
public  WebBeansType NEW     
public  WebBeansType ENTERPRISE     
public  WebBeansType JMS     
public  WebBeansType DEPENDENT     
public  WebBeansType INTERCEPTOR     
public  WebBeansType DECORATOR     
public  WebBeansType OBSERVABLE     
public  WebBeansType MANAGER     
public  WebBeansType CONVERSATION     
public  WebBeansType INSTANCE     
public  WebBeansType INJECTIONPOINT     
public  WebBeansType THIRDPARTY     
public  WebBeansType EXTENSION