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public class: InjectionResolver [javadoc | source]
Injection point resolver class.

It is a singleton class per ClassLoader per JVM. It is responsible for resolbing the bean instances at the injection points for its bean manager.

 public InjectionResolver(BeanManagerImpl manager) 
    Creates a new injection resolve for given bean manager.
    manager - bean manager
Method from org.apache.webbeans.container.InjectionResolver Summary:
checkInjectionPointType,   checkInjectionPoints,   findByPrecedence,   findBySpecialization,   getInjectionPointBean,   getInstance,   implResolveByName,   implResolveByType
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Method from org.apache.webbeans.container.InjectionResolver Detail:
 public  void checkInjectionPointType(InjectionPoint injectionPoint) 
    Check the type of the injection point.

    Injection point type can not be TypeVariable .

 public  void checkInjectionPoints(InjectionPoint injectionPoint) 
    Check that bean exist in the deployment for given injection point definition.
 public Set<?> findByPrecedence(Set<?> result) 
    Return filtered beans according to the deployment type precedence.
 public Set<?> findBySpecialization(Set<?> result) 
    Returns specialized beans if exists, otherwise return input result
 public Bean<?> getInjectionPointBean(InjectionPoint injectionPoint) 
    Returns bean for injection point.
 public static InjectionResolver getInstance() 
    Returns bean manager injection resolver.
 public Set<?> implResolveByName(String name) 
    Returns set of beans for given bean name.
 public Set<?> implResolveByType(Type injectionPointType,
    Annotation qualifier) 
    Resolution by type.